Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manohar taking Satya with him. Vidhaan looks at MachMach. Maai talks with Satya and says election is ahead, and you were going to kill MachMach. She says I saw Vedika tensed so came to know about this. She says focus on elections, I have worked hard, you have to win this time, this time you won’t have any stain, think about winning and politics, forget whats past.

Vidhaan is having Raghu and Antara’s photo. He looks at the photo and thinks about them. He cries and feels attached to Antara’s chunri. he hugs the chunri and the scene shows Raghu making Antara wear that chunri at the time of her death. He has the blood stains cloth and thinks how Satya killed Antara. He has all memories with him. He sees the mouth organ and plays it like Raghu used to do.

He plays Raghu’s tune. The scene shows Raghu playing the mouth organ. He shouts Vedika Satya Naik, music is only a way to become friends with you and enter Naik Sadan, I have waited for this day since years. He says I heard a devil’s life is in a parrot, now I know Vedika is Satya’s life, if you get hurt, he will be hurt. He says Vedika, the story Satya told you was wrong. He says Raghu was not a devil. Satya was the devil, whom I came to end, Vidhaan. He acts like Raghu. Geeta comes to him and looks at him. She sees Raghu in him.

She says I felt I saw Raghu infront of me. He says even Satya felt the same. He takes her blessings. She plans against Satya and looks at him. She says how did you get the wound. He says I had to get it, for my act. He thinks about Vedika. He says I came in this locality, won Satya’s trust, he will give me a house to live. He will give me Antara’s house where everything started. Geeta gives him an empty bullter and says Satya shot Antara with this.

She says even then police did post mortem and then I took this. She says today, I m giving this bullet to you. She gives him the bullet and says you are walking on a very touch way, if you deviate, look at this, you will find easy to make a decision. She leaves. Vidhaan looks on and comes back to Antara’s room. He closes the door and walks upstairs. He sits on the bed and lights a candle. He sees Antara’s photo and the song Meri Maa………………….. plays……………. She hugs her photo and cries.

He takes out the bullet and thinks about Geeta’s words. He says Satya Naik, you have killed my mum, I promise I will shoot 21 bullets in your heart. Its morning, Vidhaan sees Vedika doing yoga at the pole where Raghu was killed. He says did the sun rise from west today. She says no, it rised from the east. He says its going to be 11, lets start the class. He says I don’t have any girlfriend. She says what, you are grown up and………. He jokes.

He indirectly asks her do you have a boyfriend. She says why should I tell you. She asks were you trying to flirt. He says no. She says I may have. He says who is he. She jokes. He asks her to play something and show.

Vidhaan sees MachMach with wounds. Vedika look at him and thinks that Satya has a fight with him yesterday night. Vidhaan hugs MachMach. Vedika is amazed. Vidhaan says he is like us. Vedika says you are amazing, you hug anyone on the road. MachMach looks at Vidhaan. Vidhaan signs him bye and leaves. Vedika is thinking about Satya’s words about Raghu. She says I hear my dad talking about Raghu, he gets annoyed hearing his name.

Vidhaan says my dad’s mistake was he fell in love. He says he raised a voice against Satya.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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