Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu laughing and MachMach getting angry thinking it was a spoof. MachMach says you have gone mad. Raghu says this gun cheated me, it did not work when I needed it, its like love. Ruksana cries seeing him. Maai is aiming her gun towards Antara and Rasika asks some silly questions to Maai. Maai laughs and says Raghu aimed and killed her dad and Antara got hurt, and Satya will be hitting her now. Rasika says but…. Maai gives her the gun and says I will go and talk to Antara. Satya comes home thinking about Antara’s words.

He is upset thinking about Ruksana’s words that Antara does not love him. Satya comes to meet Antara’s mum and she is shocked to see him at night. Maai taunts Antara and says Raghu cheated you and now Satya. She asks Antara to

go and rest. She says shall I send Raghu to your room as you will be finding it hard to sleep alone. Maai says I m feeling bad for you, you won’t be able to get your lover and husband, they both will be away from you. Antara is hurt by Maai’s words.

Satya gives a clock to Antara’s mum. She cries and thinks its her husband’s watch. She thinks how he died. Satya says see the time is running again. He says the time never stopped, you stopped and with you Antara. He says they have seen your love for your husband and they have not seen how much Antara loves you. He says no one saw the pain in Antara’s eyes. He says when you were waiting for your husband, Antara used to pray to get you back. He says the world saw your pain, but no one can Antara’s worries. He says sorry to say, but you lost your husband, but Antara has lost her mum also.

He says you regret that you could not see your husband at the final time, but Antara has lost you every moment. He says the time stopped for you, but Antara stopped so that she can hold your hand and walk to start a new life. He says how can you leave Antara behind. He says Antara needs you a lot. He says let the time run by its pace, then you see, if you use this watch now, think your husband got his gift.

Ruksana asks Raghu to stop drinking else she will go. Raghu holds her hand and stops her. He says even you will go then who will be with me. She says Raghu…. He says I will be peaceful if you stay here. She says I can’t be with you, you are drunk and not in your senses. He says I m in my senses and shows her walking straight. Ruksana is worried, she says if you fall…. He says I will die, no one cares. He says Satya will distribute sweets if I die and Antara will also be happy. He laughs.

He says she will be happy that her dad’s killer has died. He asks Ruksana to go. Ruksana says I care about you and cries. She says I m not here to see all this, if you die, I live for you, I love you, don’t you know this, can’t you see this. Raghu is shocked. Ruksana leaves crying. Raghu says Ruksana….. holding her dupatta.

The next morning, Rasika is talking to Maai and Maai asks her to bring her breakfast in two mins. Antara’s mum comes to meet Antara. Maai sees her and smiles. Rasika says why did she come here in the morning and going to meet Antara. Antara is happy to see her mum and looks at her shocked. She asks him to come inside and sit. Her mum says I want to show you something and show her the watch. Antara says its the same watch that you bought for dad on his anniversary. Her mum says it stopped, this is new like that, but it works with time. She says I want to say sorry to you. She says forgive your mum. Antara cries and hugs her.

Antara says no, it was not your mistake, but I did not know how to explain you, even I could not understand and I had to lie to you as you were unwell. She says I m really sorry, I made a big mistake. Antara’s mum says you are my brave child, you managed everything all alone being so young. She says your dad will never forgive me. Maai thinks what is Antara talking with her mum. Antara’s mum asks her about Satya, how does he be with her. She tells her that Satya gave her this watch yesterday night and he brought a new start in my life.

Antara says Satya? She says yes, he spoke to me and explained me how much wrong I was. She says Satya is a nice guy and asks Antara to take care. Maai is tensed thinking about Antara. Antara’s mum comes down and Maai stops her. She greets her and says won’t you meet us. She says are you still annoyed with us. Antara’s mum says no, forgive Satya, he came to me yesterday and he explained well. I have forgiven him. Maai asks what did he do. She says he returned my smile and my daughter. She shows her the timepiece. She says your son made my life change. She says my life got beautiful with my children and leaves. Rasika comes to Maai and jokes. Maai scolds her and she leaves.

Maai and Rasika plan to poison Antara but Antara catches them..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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