Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara answering Raghu’s questions and says never. Raghu and Antara bget intimate and music plays… They have an eyelock and he touches her care. She closes her eyes and he looks at her. Rab hai Raazi jo tu hai raazi…. plays…. They kiss and spend the night together. Ruksana is crying standing outside the room and thinking what Raghu told to Antara. Satya asks Ruksana why is she crying, did she meet Raghu or not. She scolds Satya. He asks what did you tell to Raghu and what he told you. She says you know that I love Raghu, so listen to this, I will love him my whole life. She says I did not keep the bet that he should also love me. He says you have send me to see Raghu and Antara together. Satya is shocked.

She says you won’t understand. He says you mean to say Raghu and Antara are together. She says yes, stop dreaming about Antara as they are one now completely, by every way. Satya says Antara, Raghu and gets angry. Raghu and Antara are together. She sees him sleeping and holds his hand. He wakes up and says how are we here, whats all this, he gets up tensed and says I came to talk to you but what happened. She says Raghu, I trust you, you will not leave me and I won’t leave you. He says how can I explain you, I m sorry. She says you are making me afraid, I love you, then why sorry, everything is fine. He says leave me, I have to go. He leaves. Antara says Raghu listen to me.

She says what happened to Raghu. Raghu comes and tells everything to Maai. He says I got angaged as you said, but I m nervous. Maai is angry. Raghu says tell anything. Maai says see whatever happened, that…. look at me, you love Antara, right, so whats the reason to be shy, she too loves you, so she trusted you and gave herself to you and this trust that you will fill her life with happiness tomorrow. She says what are you going to do, that you ruined her family, that her dad dies because of you, what will she feel, you will ruin her happiness in one moment. Raghu says I don’t want this but… Mai says remove this but from your life, I m your Maai, so trust me and do whatever I say. Raghu agrees.

Antara talks to Raghu and says don’t know whats Raghu thinking, I think he is not able to accept what happened between us. Ruksana says Raghu loves you a lot, maybe according to him, this all should have happened after the marriage, so he might be ashamed, nothing else. Antara says I don’t know anything. Ruksana says Raghu told you that he don’t want to leave you. Antara says yes he said but how do you know. Ruksana says he is my friend. Antara says don’t know why he behaved like this. Ruksana asks her not to worry. Ruksana says you know he won’t cheat you so why are you thinking, see when he comes, everything will be fine. Antara hugs Ruksana. Antara cries.

Satya thinks about Ruksana’s words and looks at the room where Antara and Raghu has spend their love moments. He thinks Raghu and Antara are still there and is angry. He spoils the room and says whatever you did was wrong Raghu, see what I do now, I will feel poison in your life. Rasika asks the maid where is Raghu. She says he is not seen since morning. Maai comes and asks do you any work with him. Rasika says I was asking so that I can make breakfast for him. The door bell rings and Rasika goes to see. Its Antara. Rasika welcomes her. Maai sees Antara and smiles. Antara greets Maai and Maai blesses her and asks her to sit.

Rasika says Maai will always bless you as you will be her bahu. Maai says yes, it will be. Antara asks where is Raghu as she brought kheer for him. Maai says keep it, when he comes, I will make him eat. Antara asks did he go somewhere, Maai says he went to Kalopur in hurry so could not tell you. Maai talks to her about her dad. She asks what happened to him. Antara cries recalling the bomb attack. She tells Maai about the terrorist attack and the bomb. Maai says how are such people, its you who shower your love to everyone and there are some people who distribute death. Antara leaves taking her blessings. Rasika sees all this. Maai says sometimes I feel Raghu would have been my love, he killed his lover’s dad, slept with her and now she is going to marry her dad’s killer, whats going to happen now. She invites everyone in the wedding.

Antara thinks where might be Raghu, he would have called or messaged her. She asks her dad to signal her something so that she can get peace. She bumps into Satya and he looks at her. She says sorry. He taunts her. She leaves. Satya looks angrily at her. Antara calls Raghu but he cuts the call. She messages him. Raghu says why don’t you understand, I can’t even face your words after the mistake I did. He reads her message in which she wrote about her karwachatuth. He is upset thinking about Maai’s words about Antara’s trust on him.

He says your love is increasing day by day, but how can I come infront of you, If I tell you the truth, you will be broken and if I don’t, then I will be dying.

Satya and Antara have a talk. Satya says I will break your fast and he beats up Raghu by some goons so that he could not reach Antara.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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