Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 4th June 2013 Written Update

Recap: Story is about a kashimiri girl, Antara who performs with her band and her family members are there for the performance except her father. Her father is a doctor. Antara’s mom et angry over Antara’s dad for not attendting his daughter’s band performance. To light her mood, they all go out to spend some time, that meanwhile military people come and inform them about terrorist being around. They get back home safetly. They all are sad because of the situation of Kashmir. Two men come to Dr.Kaul clinic , one of them has been hit by a bullent. Dr.Kaul suspect them of being terrosist and he call the military people. Dr.Kaul does the treatment and then the military people come and arrest those two terrosist. The two man warn Dr.Kaul when they get arrested.


The terrorists

are bad mouthing Dr.Kaul that they will not leave him and his family. The military people take them away. Military leader ask Dr.Kaul if he want him to drive him home as it maybe not be safe for him. Dr.Kaul says no, nothing to worry and thanks him for coming on time. Military Leader says it was their duty. Dr.Kaul says that he need to go now as. Geeta is worried and waiting for Dr.Kaul outside the house. He arrives, and ask why she is out. Geet says that she was worried and she should ask him why did he went out at this time of night when condition is not good. They walk inside talking.

Next morning, Dr.Kaul is cleaning the car meanwhile Geet joke with him saying that clean the car properly. Dr.Kaul and Ishaan are washing the car, while Ishaan writes Antara’s name on the car. He goes to call Antara to show her, at that time Dr.Kaul change the alphabets of Anatara to Santarah . When Antara sees it, she runs after Ishaan they enjoy the moment. Dr.Kaul hug his children.
Ishaan and Dr.Kaul are playing cricket. Geeta warns them not to break the windows or else they will not get their dinner. Dr.Kaul says if they dont break it will Antara and Geeta not eat. She says if they dont break it everyone will have dinner together. While batting, Ishaan breaks the window’s glass. Geeta comes there as Dr.Kaul takes the bat from Ishaan. Ishaan says you should have been caring while playing, Geeta plays a punishment for them that he will be cooking. Dr.Kaul and Ishaan are cooking something while Antara and Geeta judging them. Noor says the smell is coming really nice, Geeta ask her to stop taking doctor’s side as she is in their team. Dr.Kaul tells eveeryone about his and Geeta’s lovestory when he met Geeta’s dad. They say that he had said this before many times. The food is cooked, Geeta and Antara tastes it and says it doesnt have sugar in it. Dr.Kaul says its impossible, Geeta&Antara points toward the sugar which was left untouched.

At night, all the family are at the terrace enjoying barbeque. Antara says as punishment , his dad has to sing a song for them. Geeta says No, because he doesnt sing well and it will be punishment for them not Dr.Kaul. He tell them that Geeta always want him to sing song before sleeping, Geeta says while singing his song she goes into sleep after getting bored. Dr.Kaul says that now he will surely sing to prove himself. Noor says please sing my favourite song. He sings a song. Everyones join him and are enjoying. While two man in a van ask about Dr.Kaul’s house, they both cover themself by shawl and enters in their house’s yard. They are standing at the door and give each other a evil smile. Ishaan and Antara discuss about the surprise plan for their parent’s 25th Wedding anniversary.

In Early Morning, Antara and Ishaan goes out with Ishaan carrying his cricket kit. Noor gives them water bottle, and says why Antara is taking Ishaan today to coaching center. Antara says they are not going to coaching center but to buy cake and other item for the surprise. They leave making Noor promise (Bachhan ki Kasam) not to tell anyone about their plan and Geeta comes asking Noor where they went. Noor says that Antara took Ishaan for coaching they willt teach him play cricket in dark , and will watch him playing cricket. Geeta says Antara and Cricket? Impossible Noor walks away from there. Geeta smiles and go to the garden. She gets a call from “SAROJ” from mumbai, she seems to be her sister-in-law/sister. They both talk and Saroj ask about the condition and other things. Geeta says that they have not meet for such a long time, Saroj says I know he will not agree. Then Geeta ask why she called?, Saroj wish her and Dr.Kaul happy wedding anniversary.

In last scene, Saroj tells her husband that they have got tickets for Kashmir, he angrily says tear them off. Husband and wife talks, Antara’s mama tells that he hate Kashmir as how they were kicked from there.

Episode ends.

Precap: Antara ,Noor and Ishaan went shopping. While Dr.Kaul in the house is writing something, as Geeta opens the gate after coming from walk. Dr.Kaul being the house, it get exploded Bomb blast happens.

Update Credit to: FlamingDesire

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