Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Noor coming at Arshad’s shop. She greets him. Arshad asks her to come in. Noor and Arshad have a talk. Arshad asks her to sit. Noor smiles and says I brought sweets for you as I wanted to share good news with you. She says Ishaan got the amdssion in the school. Arshad thanks her. Noor says its because of you that Ishaan passed the admission test. Arshad says Ishaan is a bright child. Noor says ok I will leave now, eat the sweet and tell me how you felt. Arshad stops her saying I wanted to talk to you. Antara is on the road and Raghu comes there. Mera Mahi Tu…, plays as they have an eyelock. He says its not fun to come under the jeep. She says I m sorry for whatever I told you about your mum. Raghu says take it easy, leave it. A bird does potty on Raghu’s

jacket and Antara laughs seeing it. Raghu says nyou are having fun. Antara says its lucky. Raghu says why so. Antara explains him that something good is going to happen with you. Raghu gets down the jeep and walks towards Antara.

The song Mera Mahi Tu…. plays in the background. They have an eyelock. Antara and Raghu have a talk. Antara cleans his jacket. Mami comes there and says this is very lucky. Noor comes home. Mami asks did you give the sweets to Arshad. Noor is tensed. Mami asks what happened. Noor says Arshad wants to marry me. Mami smiles. Everyone are shocked. Raghu says its a lucky day for you, congrats. Raghu gets a call from his friend and he says we found out about Aman. Raghu says ok. Raghu says I will leave now. Aman is worried thinking where his wallet went. He is afraid that if Raghu gets it, then… Someone knocks at Aman’s door. Aman gets tensed. Someone comes to Aman and says I m your house owner. Aman says I remember. He asks for the rent and his identity papers. Aman says I m sorry for troubling you, but give me some time. I will give you everything. The man says tell me something new, Aman says I m saying the truth, I m in some big problem. Aman asks for one week. The man agrees and says if you fail in one week, then I will see you.

Noor says I said no to Arshad. Mami says we thought you like Arshad. Noor says no, I can’t marry him. I have many responsibilities, how can I think about myself. Noor says I have to faithful towards my duty, I can’t be selfish. She says how can I leave you all, when you need me the most. Antara says no, who said you. Mami explains her. Noor says my decision won’t change for anyone. Antara stops her, but she leaves. Antara tells Mami she is going to Aaji’s house. Raghu comes to Aman’s house and sees the lock. He meets the house owner and talks with him about Aman. He says he lives here, sit with me, he will be coming back, I have the keys of my house. Aman sees Raghu going in his house. Aman stands in the window and hears them talking. Raghu says I met Aman two months ago. The house owner says Aman did not pay the rent till now. Raghu says the guy is good, maybe he is not having money, he will pay soon. Raghu gets a call from Antara.

She says Aaji is fine. I m going to doctor to take medicines. Raghu asks why, you cam’t live Aaji alone. Raghu says I will go and take it. Raghu says I need to go, I will come again. Raghu leaves. Aman hides from Raghu. Aman goes inside his house and finds his wallet on the table. He says it means Raghu came to know my real name. He thinks of doing something.

Raghu does some shayari in his style while Antara looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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