Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the scerene beauty of kashmir and a lovely voice singing and then boom a house is shown blown up
Now it takes you to the events of 18hrs ago, were a girls rock band is about to perform which has lots of media coverage n media protection.
“yeh shyaam uske naam jiske kahi naam”
thats the group mantra of a small girls band group.
The lead girl Antara is shown performing on the song
khushiyon ke kanche jhebon mein hain bhare..
Chal jhoome gaye jeele..
Zara muskurale jee lee
chune apni rahein jee le
Among the audience her mom is trying to call someone,she has Antaras younger brother n appa along with her

Once the song ends media encircles Antara and questions her as to how she is feeling and was she scared she said no she felt great that she could perform,she wants everyone to enjoy music and dance

A person(Antras father) is shown treating a patient,and the patient asks him if he is an hindu or muslim he replies “philahal mein toh ek doctor hu”
Appa comes to his clinic and asks him to hurryup, and says Bobby is really angry
Antra requests her mom to throw off her anger, papa might have reaaly been busy with an emergency
Antras Dad(Dr Kaul) pleads with his Boby aka Mrs Geeta Kaul,but she doesnt leave her akad n puts up an angry face
She says that there were so many people out there but the person who should have been there was missing.He gives his wife a rose and suggests going on a drive, Antra teases them as ohoo Boby n Raj
They move out to a beautiful flower garden and theres a constant bittering between bobby and Raj

They all sing the song
Abi na jao chodkar yeh dil abi bhara nahi
mainly led by Raj

Happy family momments are shown wherin Dr Kaul retells his n his wifes love storywhich apparently all of them know byheart,, the first movie that they had watched was Bobby n hence they both adress each other as Raj n Bobby

On the other side tons of miltary men have surrounded their cafe with guns and weapons, an army men comes inside the cafe and requests them to clear out the place as its not safe.Doctorsahab and his family are covered up and escorted to their car.
Theres a curfew put ,the whole family is sad at the happenings and the sad condition of their beloved Kashmir

They reach their house and close up the doors and windows,

Its night time, Antra meets up with her pappa and tells about the wonderfull day that she had,and tells him that she missed him and he asks her how much and she says 5 kilo
Her papa tlls her her that he did see the show on tv
(Lovely bond is shown between Antra and her Father)

In the news its shown that two terrorists have died and two of them managed to escape.
Govind,Geetas brother had left Kashmir and shifted to Mumbai due to constant fear and conditions of Kashmir.

Dr Kaul gets a call and he has to immediately rush to his clinic as there Is an emergency,Mrs Kaul gets tensed as its not safe out on the streets.

Doctorsahaab reaches up his clinic and he meets up with two guys, one of whom is injured,he takes them in and checks the wound

He understands that the wound is due to gunshot,he calls up someone and starts the treatment with an injection saying its neend ka injection otherwise the guy wont be able to bear the pain while removing the bullet.

Military people encirle his clinic,and dash in while he is treating the guy,the arrest both the guys.
Those terrorists acusse the doctor of betraying them but he retorts that he treated them as a doctor and got them arrested as a responsible citizen

Those guys part with the words that, he has done really bad and they wont spare him and his family.

Antras family is shown enjoying up a lovely nigth at the terrace with music and food.While two people are on lookout for Dr Kauls house

Update Credit to: Nikki

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