Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara getting hurt and Raghu caring for her. She says don’t touch me, leave me. he takes a medical aid box and holds her. She says leave me, I told you not to touch me. Raghu says shh……… and makes her sit. She pushes him and he falls. He gets up and comes to her again. He holds her hand and says shut up. He says if you want to fight, fight later, be quiet now. He chnages her hand bandage, Mera Mahi Tu…… plays……. Antara looks at him and cries. He cares for her hand and looks at her. He cleans her wound with cotton. She says Raghu…. and pushes him. She says how dare you call me Miss Kaul.

Wind blows and they have an eyelock. She takes the ointment and it falls by Raghu’s side. He looks at it. Music plays…… in the background…………

Antara goes near the door and cries. Raghu comes to her and asks where is Sahib, this might be his plan, he closed the door and you would say that I came in your room by force, Antara takes Satya’s side and taunts Raghu.

Raghu asks who am I to you. She says leave from here, this is my room. He says what husband, with whom you did not get your marriage registered. She says you broke our relation by cheating me. She taunts Raghu and he tries to open the door. Antara sits on her bed. He looks at her. Raghu lights a candle and holds Antara wen she falls. Music plays…………. They get closer and have an eyelock. He holds her closer and does not leave her. She looks at him shocked and trying to be away from him. Satya’s photo falls by them and gets burnt by the candle.

Raghu steps on the photo to stop the fire. Antara is stunned. She tries calling someone. Raghu looks at her. He goes to her and sees his mouth organ. He thinks about Antara’s words and is upset. He says you have kept my gift. She says yes, very carefully, be it a gift or a wound. Raghu and Antara talk via hearts. Antara gets scares by lightning and screams. He says do’t be afraid, I m with you. He comes to her again and Tujhe Dekhun mai Bheegi ankhon se…… plays…………. He triesto touch her but she pushes him. He still tries and she keeps mum….. He wipes her tears and music plays……………………

He does the aid for her hand while she sleeps. She makes her sleep well covering her with a blanket. She wakes up and sees him sleeping far. She gets up and sees the wound on his hand. She applies the ointment on his hand. She cries seeing him hurt. She sits looking at him and sleeps.

The next morning, Raghu and Antara are sleeping in the same room. Manohar opens the room and leaves. Satya comes home in the morning, Maai asks him where was he all night. Satya does not answer her and leaves. Maai gets angry. She says Satya will always remember this and also Antara. Satya opens the door and finds Raghu in the room. He is shocked to see him. Raghu says Sahib… I…… Satya looks at Antara sleeping. He wakes her up and ass what is Raghu doing in my bedroom. Maai comes and says Raghu you here…. whats going on. Satya sas what did you do behind my back. Maai smiles.

Antara says this door was closed. Satya beats the door and says it was open. Raghu says it was closed, I tried to open it. Satya scolds Raghu and says be quiet, else I will not leave you. Antara says Raghu is not lying. Maai taunts Antara. Satya asks what was you doing here. Raghu says I came to find my phone. Antara says I don’t know anything. Satya asks Raghu why did you come in my room and gets angry. He asks Antara was Raghu with you all night. Antara says yes. Satya gets angry. Raghu is tightlipped. Antara says I tried calling you. Satya does not believe her. Satya leaves and sees Antara’s phone outside the room. He throws the phone and leaves.

Maai asks Raghu to leave. Raghu tries to explain her but Maai says I understand, you leave. Antara cries. Maai gives her a napkin and says wipe your tears. Antara thinks that Maai did this. Maai laughs. She says we are playing a game. She says I invited women for haldi ritual, they will come and bless you. Antara gets her taunts and thinks what will she say to everyone. Maai taunts her saying you were with our lover all night and leaves. Antara cries thinking about Satya’s words and Maai’s words.

Satya comes to Antara and says tell me was this your plan to be in this room with Raghu. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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