Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manjari coming to Satya to help him in changing clothes but he does not tale her help. A box falls by her by mistake and she is shocked to see Antara’s photos and the mangalsutra. She asks him where to keep this. He takes it from her and keeps it inside the cupboard. He asks her why are you living with me. She says no one asked me what life I want. She says Maai and my Bhau did our marriage, this happened by Maai’s command. She says everything happens by Maai’s wish. Sagtya looks at her and thinks that Antara told the same words as her.

Manjari says I thought you won’t marry me and will say no, but you agreed. She says I was helpless, but why did you choose this life, only because of Maai. Satya says I don’t know, maybe I love my mum a lot. He leaves. Manjari wishes that this should not happen with Vedika, she should someone who understands her and lives life for her. Vedika is going somewhere hiding from Maai. Maai sees her going and smiles. Maai sees Satya and stops him saying Sahib, come here.

He asks what. She says when Manjari and you does not understand each other, then why do you talk to her. Satya says even you don’t understand you and I don’t understand you, still we talk, I talk to her as she is my wife, you made me marry her. Maai says yes, you would have been in jail and you also have Vedika in your life now. Satya says where is Vedika, in her room. Maai stops him and says maybe she slept, you sit, I have to talk to you about violin teacher, we don’t know from where he came.

Krishna is sitting on stairs and trying to sleep. He thinks about Vedika and smiles. He says she wants to learn violin but does not know anything about it. He takes out his violin and starts playing. He plays the same tune which Raghu used to play. Vedika hears him and smiles. She says he will come tomorrow for sure, he said this, he is stupid but does not look a liar. She says I have everything here except friends. She thinks about Antara’s house and says might be there someone who used to talk to someone standing in that house’s balcony.

Maai asks Satya to find out about Krishna. Maai says I will find out, he is a stranger. Satya says no one dares to think about Vedika iin any wrong sense. Maai says I want to find out. Satya says fine, you find out, I don’t have time, I have a meeting with the builder tomorrow. Maai says i won’t let you break this locality. Satya says hmm and leaves.

Its morning, Krishna comes to Satya’s house and slips and falls on Satya. He holds Satya’s hand to stand up. Satya removes his hand and looks at him. Krishna says sorry, I slipped by mistake. Satya leaves. Maai talks to him and says Naik Sadan’s land is this way only, its strict for strangers, you came here without our permission. He says I came to teach violin to her and I don’t know her name. Manjari says she is Vedika, my daughter. Maai scolds Krishna and says when did you learn to play violin. He says since I was seven yrs old, I learnt in school and shows her the certificates. Maai looks at them and asks where do you live. He says wherever I find place.

Maai asks about his parents. Krishna says I lost my parents when I was a child. Satya looks at Maai and says why, did you think of Raghu seeing him. Satya leaves. Krishna and Manjari have a talk about Vedika. Manjari says she is sleeping and you can’t wake her up as Satya will be offended. He asks where is her room and comes to see Vedika sleeping and tries to make her wake up by calling her name. She does not get up. He gets angry and throws a jug of water on her. Manjari says stop and is tensed.

Vedika gets up shocked saying who has put the water. She sees him and says are you mad. He shows her the time. He says you have class now. She says I can’t believe this, you have thrown water on me and want me to come for class. He says I told you about my timing and leaves. He bumps into Manohar and asks do you live here. Manohar says at present yes. Krishna says is there any open place here to teach violin. Manohar says the terrace. Krishna comes to Vedika.

He says come at the terrace and leaves. He looks at Antara’s house. Vedika comes to him and is angry with him. He says on time, sit. She sits and asks him why did he throw water on her. He says you were sleeping. She says do you know you can be punished and have to pay for this. He looks at her.

Satya scolds Krishna and throws his certificates and says you are fired. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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