Do Dil Ek Jaan 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara showing her hurt hand to everyone in order not to sign the marriage registration papers. Maai sayts the wound will heal soon, then you can sign. Satya says he will make the marriage registered today itself as she will make the thumb impression. Maai says no need for it and asks the registrar to come again. He leaves. Satya looks at Antara angrily and then at Raghu. He leaves. Antara cries. Raghu sees her and does not understand. Raghu and Ruksana leaves. Maai talks to Antara and says its good that you are playing safe, its good. Antara says I m ready. Maai smiles.

Ruksana talks to Raghu about Antara not signing on the papers. She says she will sign in three four days after her wound gets healed. Raghu asks her to leave. He says I don’t want to

talk about this. He meets Antara at the gate and they look at each other. Antara talks to Ruksana and says are you going home, Ruksana says yes, give some time, everything will be fine. Antara asks her to take care of her mum.

Antara comes to her room and Satya asks how is your wound now, is it aching. She says no, its fine now. He asks how did you get hurt. She says something. He asks what something, I want to know. She says glass. He says what glass, nothing is broken here. Mami talks to Antara’s mum about Antara. She says its not Antara’s mistake. Antara’s mum says don’t take Antara’s side. Mami says till when will you be annoyed with her. Ruksana comes and says Antara is hurt, Mami and Antara’s mun are worried.

Satya gets angry and throws the things in his room looking out for the piece of glass which has hurt her. He says did you hide it or was your wound fake. She says Sahib….. He says its not a big wound that you could not sign the papers, then why did you do this. Antara says what marriage. Ruksana tells them about marriage registration. Mami says Antara’s mum is hurt by her lies. Satya says our marriage. Antara says i did what I had to, but you know why we did this marriage. Satya says but we got married right, or did you change your mind, are you after Raghu again.

Antara says shut up. She says if I think about Raghu, its only with hatred. He says good to hear this, but think about our relation, it will be more good. She says you don’t understand our relation, if you did, then you would have not asked me to sign on the papers. He says why, whats the problem. She says I don’;t want to make our relation legal. Satya gets angry and leaves from the room.

Maai talks to Manohar about Antara. Maai says we don’t care about her in our house. Manohar asks her whats the plan. Maai says that we are going out and will be back in the morning. Maai sees Satya and stops him. She asks where are you going. Satya gets angry for stopping him from behind. Maai asks when you will be back. He says you will know when I come back. He leaves. Maai makes some plan and asks Manohar to execute it. She explains him her plan. Ruksana sees Raghu and prays to Lord that Raghu gets some peace. Maai comes to Raghu and says I m going out, will be back in morning. Raghu says tell me the work, I will go. She says you take rest, I will go with Manohar.

She takes Raghu’s phone with her. She says are you annoyed with me that I called the registrar, she says everyone say something about them, so I want it to be legal. Raghu says its fine with me, I m not annoyed, you go and take care. Maai says I have to take care of you Raghu. Antara thinks about Raghu and cries in her room.

Maai comes to her and says I came to ask about you, are you happy with your first victory. She asks where is Satya. Antara says he does not tell me. Maai tells her that beware, I m going out. Antara says if you are not here, then what to fear about. Maai says I m loving this game. Antara smiles looking at her. Maai looks at her and takes her mobile. She says the game started.

Its night, Antara comes in the kitchen and milk falls on her clothes. She goes to change her clothes. Raghu gets the phone and talks to Manohar. Manohar asks Raghu to keep his phone with you. Raghu is looking out for his phone. Raghu tries calling his number and its switched off. Antara changes her clothes and is unable to zip it up at the back. Raghu sees her through the door and goes to help her.

Someone closes the light and Antara screams. She is shocked to see Raghu in her room. He says I m looking out for my phone. She says how will your phone come in my room. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. He says I will bring the emergency light. She says you won’t be able to bring the light, I will find it myself, you go from here. He says so much hatred. Manohar locks the door from outside and smiles. Raghu comes to her and she says no one is at home, go from my room, why are you not going. Raghu looks at her and leaves. But the door is locked. He tries opening it. He says the door is closed. She says how can it be. They have an eyelock with anger.

Raghu and Antara gets closer. Satya is coming to them and gets angry on Antara.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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