Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya asking Maai about the truth. Raghu asks Satya to be calm as Antara’s mum is safe now. Satya says I did not ask you, don’t interrupt in between. Maai stops Raghu and says let him ask me, he has decided to insult his mum for this characterless girl. She says she has used you and married Satya. Raghu is silent. Maai says tell me Satya, what you want to. Satya says son? He moves back and argues with Maai. He says you can’t be a mother, because you would have done this. Antara says stop it Sahib, lets go from here. Maai says let him say. He is saying what you dolt him, you wanted this that my son goes against me. Maai scolds Antara and Satya supports Antara shouting on Maai.

He says I will kill you if I can. Everyone are shocked. He says I don’t want to be your son, you don’t deserve me. Maai is shocked. Raghu says Sahib, be in your limits, you are forgetting she is my mum, and no one can insult my mum. Raghu comes in between and says be thankful that you are her blood. Satya says tell your Maai to be careful. He says I will kill even you if its required. Maai says for Antara, she is making you mad, do you know what you are saying to whom. Satya says you are forgetting that Antara is my wife. She is Mrs. Antara Satya Naik. Satya says if Antara gets insulted here in this house, I will break every relation. He says what problem you have, that Antara married me leaving your fav son Raghu.

He says learn to live with this truth, else….. Raghu scolds Antara for all this. He says punish me, not Maai. Antara says why, you are favoring her, ask her what did she tell to my mum, she tried to kill mym mum. Satya says Antara, don’t forget that you are this house’s bahu, the owner of this house and don’t talk with the servants of this house. He says some servants dance on the head. Maai says Sahib…. Satya says I told what I wanted to, if you agree you will be happy, else….

Satya leaves with anger. Maai looks at Antara and leaves. Manohar says Rasika, lets go, the diwali is over. Raghu looks at Antara. They have an eyelock. Raghu stops Antara and she says don’t ask me anything, I have already answered you, go and ask your Maai, I have lost my dad, and lost many relations, but I have only my mum now, ask your Maai not to snatch her from me. Antara also leaves.

Satya gets angry in his room throwing the things. Antara comes and says is this the way to talk to your mum, that you will kill her. Satya says my Maai was about to kill your mum. Antara thanks him. He says I did not do this for you, I did this because my mum…. He says it was wrong what happened with your mum, that is it. Maai is angry and Raghu comes to her. He asks why Maai, Maai says even you came to ask me why, for that girl. Maai says do you want to know why I did this, I will tell you, I did this for you Raghunath, I m your mum. Raghu cries with her. He sits on his knees and she fools him showing her love for him.

She says you loved Antara, but what did she do, this is the reason why I told her mum. I can’t share your pain, but I feel happy if I hurt her. She says I want to see you and Sahib happy. She says if you think its my mistake, tell me if you want to kill me, I won’t say anything, I want to see both my sons happy. Raghu hugs her and cries. Maai smiles fooling him. Antara comes to Satya and talks about Maai. Satya says don’t tell me how to talk to my mum. Satya says I m a selfish and angry man, you married me knowing everything.

He says what did you do, you did not tell your mum about the truth. She says do you know why I lied to her. She says don’t tell me how to deal with my mum. Satya says its better we decide how to deal with our mums, don’t give advice. He leaves. The next morning, Antara comes to her house to meet her mum. Noor says she is resting. Antara says I will only see her. Noor stops her saying don’t go now. Antara asks why. Noor says she is fine, don’t go. Antara asks is she annoyed with me. Noor says whatever happened in the hospital, you know her right? She does not forget things easily.

Antara asks Noor why did you not explain to my mum. Noor says I don’t want to talk about this, my advice is don’t talk to her about your dad. Noor says let some time pass, it will be fine soon. Antara says no, if time passes, then if everything does not become fine, will I be away form her the whole life. Antara’s mum comes and asks Antara can’t you tell me what you are telling Noor. Antara is stunned. Her mum scolds her and cries. Antara also cries with her. Her mum gets dressed in white clothes like a widow.

Her mum says you have hurt me and your dad’s soul. She says he used to say that be away from lies and always speak the truth. Antara says the situation was different. Antara’s mum argues with her. Antara cries. She says don’t cry, I don’t want to ask you about your life, but I was his life, hoiw could you decide about me. Antara runs from her house thinking about her mum’s words. Maai comes to Antara and she is shocked to see her.

Satya lifts Antara in his arms as she is hurt and could not walk. Raghu looks on…

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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