Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu coming to Antara. She says save Ishaan, there is smoke inside the house. Raghu says we can’t see as there is much smoke. Raghu tries to break the door. Antara says please save my brother. Raghu sees the balcony door open and thinks of climbing up. He brings a ladder and climbs up. Raghu enters the house and sees Ishaan lying on the ground. He tries to wake him up. He lifts him and leaves. Antara sees Ishaan and gets nervous seeing Ishaan not responding. Raghu asks Antara to calm down and takes them to hospital. He asks the doctor to attend Ishaan.

Antara says the area was having pest control and he got locked inside the house. She asks the doctor will he get fine. The doctor says we will try our best. Antara says its my mistake, I left him

alone at home, if anything happens to him, then… Raghu says nothing will happen, he was shocked and fainted. Antara says I did not see him like this before, he was not even breathing. Raghu says be strong, he is just a kid, he will break down seeing you like this. He gives his hanky and asks her to wipe her tears. He says I will bring water for you. Antara stops and says don’t go, I m afraid. He says I won’t leave you, never. They have an eyelock. He holds her hand and wait for doctor’s words.

Maai calls Manohar and says find out what happened to them by the pesticides. Manohar goes to find out. The doctor comes and says you were careless, the smoke went in his lungs, he would have died. Raghu asks how is he. The doctor says now he is fine. Antara says can we meet him. He says yes. Maai is shocked to know no one is at home. Maai gets angry. Manohar says I saw everyone at home in morning. She says I told you to take care. She scolds Manohar. Manohar says its their luck, even Ishaan got saved and Raghu saved him. Maai gives a sharp look.

Antara cries seeing Ishaan. Raghu asks her to calm down and goes to Ishaan. Ishaan wakes up and sees Raghu. Raghu asks its me, how are you now. He says you are a strong man, Ishaan smiles. Ishaan asks where are we. Raghu says we brought you here. Raghu jokes. Ishaan coughs and Raghu make him drink water. Antara watches this and feels happy. Raghu says take rest then we will go back home. Ishaan says you are lying. Raghu says you really flied and I caught you. Antara comes in. Ishaan sees her and Raghu jokes. The doctor comes and gives the prescription. Raghu leaves with the doctor. Antara talks to Ishaan and says sorry for leaving him alone at home. Ishaan says nothing happened to me, I m strong.

Ishaan looks at Raghu and says till Raghu is there with us, nothing will happen to us. He comes to rescue us when we are in any problem, but how does he know about us, he takes care of us always. Antara looks at Raghu. Ishaan says he is something for us. Antara smiles and says enough, you take rest now. Antara thinks about Ishaan’s words calling Raghu their hero. She thinks how Raghu saved her everytime. She thinks about Raghu’s words. She says I don’t know what he is to me, what relation we have, but I know that he never breaks his promise, I feel safe with him in difficulties, when he is with me, I feel complete. She looks at Raghu and thinks of her dad’s words that we should have someone who knows us like we know ourself. She smiles seeing him.

Antara says dad I got that man who completes me. Mera Mahi Tu… plays…. Raghu looks at Antara. He comes to her and asks what happened. She is lost seeing him. She says nothing and… He says the doctor said we can go home. He says we should give Ishaan medicines on time. He says are you happy now, tears won’t look good in your eyes. Antara says nothing, I will go to Ishaan. Raghu thinks what happened to her, is everything fine.

Rasika asks Maai what she is thinking about Antara and Raghu is taking care of Ishaan. Rasika says Antara and Raghu are falling in love. Maai says I will see what I have to. Rasika leaves. Raghu’s shirt falls and Maai gets Aman’s letter.

Antara and Raghu see each other. Antara says how can I say you that I love you. Maai reads Aman’s letter and comes to know everything….

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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