Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara talking to the Lord. Maai comes and taunts her saying you have two reasons to live, one lover and one husband, your life will be fun, you don’t need anything else. Antara is shocked. Noor is tensed. The doctor says someone has told her something, she is hurt. Ruksana says is she hurt mentally. The doctor says yes, someone told her about her past. She is in coma now. Raghu says what. The doctor says the medicines are not working, we can’t do anything. Ruksana asks Noor what happened, who told her the truth. Raghu comes to Antara’s mum and looks at her.

Maai says Antara you have Raghu and Satya, both, what else do you want in life. Antara says whats the connection with my mum. Maai says she got hurt by this words. Antara says it means, you told her the truth, what did you tell her, tell me. Noor tells Ruksana that Maai told everything to her and about her husband’s death. Noor cries. Satya hears this that Maai is responsible for all this. Maai says yes, I told her, do you want to know what I told her.

I have send Raghu there after you, and then Satya after Raghu. Antara is shocked. Maai laughs and says it was an attack on you. But you lied to your mum, so I had to come and tell her the truth. Anara says I knew you hate me, but why did you involve my mum. Maai says you took my Raghu from me, you took away my son, so I took away your mum from you. Antara is shocked.

Raghu feels guilty and thinks about the doctor’s words. He cries and asks her to get up and see the present and see Antara as she is all alone now. He says can you hear me? Reply me. He says fine, I will tell you a truth today, I have killed your husband and ruined your family by cheating you all. He asys I m the culprit, but today you are doing a mistake by leaving your daughter alone, she won’t be able to leave without you, get up and punish me. He breaks down.

Antara argues to Maai and says how can you dare to take my mum away. Maai says even if she is alive, she will go to mental hospital. Antara shouts Daya Maai and says pray to Lord that nothing happens to my mum, else I will erase your name, its a daughter’s promise. Raghu sings a song to wake up Antara’s mum and she thinks about her husband.

She gets conscious and Raghu looks at her. He calls Antara running to her. He says Antara, your mum. She asks what happened to her, did you kill even her, she scolds him and says what did you do. Raghu says she is conscious now. Antara leaves him. He says I sang your dad’s song and she moved her finger. Antara is relieved and runs to her mum. He thinks about Antara’s bitter words and thinks Antara I did not let your mum die. Satya looks at Raghu and leaves.

Antara’s mum thinks about Raghu’s lies. Antara talks to the doctor and he says she is fine now, let her rest. He says she got her memory back. Antara is shocked. She says how come. The doctor says she reacted to your dad’s song, give her some time, everything will be fine. Maai hears this and gets angry.

Antara brings her mum home. Noor tells Antara that the doctor said we have to be patient, keep smiling infront of your mum, don’t ask her anything, agree to whatever she says. Antara sees her mum sleeping and thinks of the doctor’s words. Antara thanks Satya for taking her mum to the hospital. Satya says now everything is fine, your mum came home, now why are you sad. Antara cries. He says did anyone tell you anything. She says I have hurt her, lied to her, she is not talking to me, she got her memory back, but she won’t back to me. Will she forgive me or not. Satya holds Antara and she says Sahib. Raghu sees them together and is hurt,

Satya tells her that Raghu loves Maai a lot and Maai loves Raghu more than me. He says I m like you, my mum is not with me. She says she can’t be anyone’s mum, sorry to tell this to you, but she tried to snatch my mum from me. Antara says Maai told my mum the truth. Satya says the time will heal everyone. Satya says always hope that your mum forgives you. He says look at me, what did I do, but even then Maai….. He holds her hand and goes inside. Raghu sees this.

Satya comes inside the house shouting Maai. Rasika says Satya is calling Maai. Manohar says lets have some fun, come lets see. Satya says I have to clear some things with Maai. Maai comes and asks what happened. Satya says did you tell the truth to Antara’s mum, yes or no. Maai says go to sleep, lets talk in the morning. Satya says answer me. Raghu comes and hears this. Maai looks at him. Satya looks with anger.

Maai scolds Antara but Satya supports Antara saying I will kill you. Maai is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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