Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vedika smiling seeing Krishna play the violin. She takes his photo and he looks at her and stops playing. She asks him are you new here. She says will you teach me to play violin, he says no. She says what do you mean? Do you know with whom are you talking, no one says no to me. She asks him to teach him and says its a golden chance, I m Vedika Satya Naik. He does not listen to her and she asks him to come and teach her from tomorrow. He leaves. She looks out for him. She gets angry as he rejected her offer.

She says where will I get the teacher so soon. Its morning, Maai is talking to someone and says this locality won’t break and its final. Satya says it will break and it will start with Antara’s house. Maai asks him not to get personal.

She says Sahib, its one house, I can’t ruin everyone’s life for breaking Antara’s house. She teaches him how to manage people in this locality. He says I m not Raghunath. He says look at me. She looks at him. He says is it that you have memories with this locality, so you are stopping me. He leaves. Vedika bumps into Satya and says sorry papa. He says I m sorry, the time is running, where is your violin teacher. She says I m still searching.

Manohar is getting ready for work. Vedika comes to him and says I was finding you and you are here, she asks him to do her work and takes him with her. MachMach sees that Krishna has the reward of Rs. 1 lakh. He thinks about him and looks out for him. He says where did he go. Manohar tells Vedika that I will find him, but where. Vedika says I m sorry that I asked your help. Maai smiles seeing Vedika and looks at Satya staring at Antara’s house. Satya goes inside Antara’s house and its all spider webs around. Satya thinks about Antara and Raghu. Maai comes to him and says you were right Sahib.

Maai says break this bad house, I don’t care about this locality. She says don’t keep any memories of that cheating woman. She says maybe I will get my son back after this. Satya holds her hand and says dead people don’t come back ever, your son is dead. He says did you forget that I had killed him with this hand. She says yes, I don’t know where I lost my son and when will I get him back. She asks about him allowing Vedika to play violin as he hates music. Satya says I love my daughter a lot, thsi is the difference between you and me.

He says I can do anything for Vedika’s happiness. He says you won’t understand. They hear someone’s footsteps and are shocked to see Krishna. Satya aims his gun at him. Satya asks who are you and what are you doing here. Krishna says it was cold at night and I needed a place, I slept here at night. Maai asks who are you. She says I saw you somwhere and thinks of the missing photo and reward, you are wanted. Krishna says wanted? Satya asks what did you do and why did you come here.

Krishna says I did not do anything. Maai calls her goons and asks them to take Krishna along. Vedika is at the terrace talking to Manohar. She sees Krishna with the goons and is happy. She says I got him. She goes to him. Maai and Satya are asking about the reward. Vedika comes and says he is wanted for me. She says he is my violin teacher. Krishna looks at her and she smiles.

Krishna says no to Vedika and Satya aims his gun at him. MachMach sees all this. Vedika says papa, relax, calm down, I found my violin teacher within 24 hours. Satya smiles and leaves. Maai sees Vedika and says be careful. Maai also leaves. Vedika talks to Krishna and says I told you that no one can tell me no. He looks at her and says bye. She stops him and says I m offering you a good job adn you are…. think again, these goons were my papa’s, they will take you with them and then you ahev to teach me. He says you are forcing me.

She says I want to convince you with love. He says why do you want to learn. She says you need money and you can’t play the violin without me and brings the violin stick. MachMach comes and says Vedika is right and calls her Aedi. She says what did you call me. He thinks about Antara and leaves. Krishna agrees to teach Vedika from tomorrow. She says will you surely come. He says yes. She asks the time. He says 11am. She says 11am won’t suit me as I wake up after 12. She says come after lunch. He says I will come at 11am as I don’t need you. She says fine, 11am. He leaves while she looks at him.

Krishna slips and holds Satya. Satya gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. i really luv ayaz and nikita
    i really miss seeing ur’ll on tv
    hoping 2 c ur’ll again on tv

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