Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai showing Manohar what she did. They see Satya bringing Raghu and Antara home. Satya scolds Raghu and says why did you go to Antara’s house. Raghu says Maai has send me there. Satya says you killed her father, you cheated her and today you lied to her mum that you are husband and wife. Antara says the thing is…. Satya says don;t say anything, I know Raghu did this. Raghu says I m not in between you and Antara. Satya says yes, you can’t as she is my wife now. Antara mum’s hears this. Antara is shocked to see her mum and thinks whether she heard anything. Maai comes there and says Antara’s mum knows everything now.

Maai says sorry. Antara’s mum says I m sorry as I could not see their marriage, but now I m happy that Antara went to a good house. She says see I did not give anything to my son in law. She gives a gift to Raghu. Maai is shocked. Anatar stands with Satya. Antara says I will keep it. Maai says fine now, we could not meet properly, lets go and have some talk. She says you have to come to my house. Antara’s mum wishes Antara and Raghu always stay happy. Maai takes her with her. Manohar smiles.

Satya looks at Antara and she comes to him. They go inside the house. Antara’s mum brings Maai to her house. Maai asks tell me about the patphere ritual. Antara’s mum says Raghu won in the ring ceremony. Maai says Raghu? Antara’s mum says your son won, it means Raghu will rule over Antara’s heart. Maai says you mean Raghu? How can this happen. She says how did Raghu come here. She says maybe you don’t know the name. Maybe you mean Satya. Antara’s mum says yes Satya came in between, but Antara and Raghu were playing. Maai says are you fine now? She says Raghu and Antara can’t play the game, a husband and wife plays the game. She says Satya is Antara’s husband.

Antara’s mum is shocked. Noor gets worried. She says what did you say, who is Antara’s husband. Maai says Satya Naik, my real son. Maai says Antara broke the marriage with Raghu and married Satya the same night. She says I don’t know why Antara did this. Noor says Antara’s mum does not know anything. Maai says strange, a mum does not know her daughter married whom, maybe you are joking with me. Noor says we are not joking. Maai tells her the complete truth. Antara’s mum gets angry and says you are fooling me, she married Raghu. Maai says she was supposed to, but she did not marry Raghu.

She says even Noor knows this, ask her. Antara’s mum looks at Noor and asks what. Noor asks Maai to be quiet. Maai says the whole locality knows that Antara married Satya. Noor says please stop it. Antara’s mum asks why did Antara broke the marriage, Maai says Antara thinks Raghu killed your husband. Antara’s mum is shocked. Noor starts crying. She says my husband is alive, you are mad. Maai says you are mad, your husband died. Antara’s mum says don’t lie to me, he is in Kashmir. Maai says open your eyes and see the truth.

She says your characterless daughter married my son. She says she said my Raghu killed her dad. Antara’s mum cries. Maai says this is the truth. Noor makes Antara’s mun sit. Maai leaves. Antara is in her room unable to bear the firecrackers sound and thinks of her mum. Satya asks what happened. She says my mum thinks of the blast listening to this sound. She runs to her mum. Satya goes after her. Antara’s mum is in a shock. She thinks of how her husband died and shouts no. Noor tries to console her. She says it means you all were lying. She says it means he really left all of us.

She feels unwell and faints. Maai smiles and says happy diwali Antara, I hope you like this gift. Antara comes running to her mum and Maai is happy seeing her. Antara asks Noor what happened to her mum. She sees Maai smiling. Satya says lets take her to hospital, don’t waste time.

Raghu and Ruksana come to them. Raghu says we will take her to hospital. Satya gives Raghu a cold stare. Raghu asks Satya not to be adamant as its regarding Antara’s mum. He asks them to sit in his car. Antara convinces Satya and he agrees angrily. They sit in the car and leave for the hospital. They reach the hospital and Antara is worried about her mum.

Antara sees her mum and cries. She thinks of her dad’s words. Ruksana asks Noor how did this happen, did anyone tell anything to Antara’s mum. Noor walks away. Antara prays to the Lord to save her mum. She says you have taken everything from me, my dad, my love and now I have only for mum with me.

Maai taunts Antara. Antara argues with her and says I will erase your name.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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