Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th June 2013 Written Update

Govind is frustrated wid dr.’s tests lists for geeta! He says bcoz of this geeta wid troubled n lots of time n mo * he was abt to says money bt stops* Bt antara n govind r sad!

Raghu asks ishu to come to him else he will fall down bt ishu says he wont as he will beat him! Raghu says he wont be ishu doesnt listens to him! Raghu calls out battery n machmach!

And here we go Antara reaches there

Raghu again tries to convince ishu bt he doesnt listens! Raghu says to ishu ok he is going frm there n asks him to come to otherside of wall! Antara sees ishu Raghu turns n runs towards ishu n tries to hold ishus hand bt he slips off frm his hands n falls off!

Antara shouts ISHAAN n runs towards him! MachMach hold ishaan *phew*

Antara equires to ishu whether he is

fine or not ?? Antara gives angry looks to Raghu n his frnds Battery makes fun of ishaan n says to raghu if he needs football he will get it for him ishaan is a kancha Noor takes ishaan wid her!

Antara moves angrily toward raghu *the tune given to this movement was fantastic* Antara n Raghu stare each other! Raghu says nthing has happened to her ishu Before he could say anything antara SLAPS him *CHATAK*

Raghu angrily stares at antara n pushes her towards the wall n hold of her hands [bg : ] Raghu says to antara how did she dared to slap him ?? Antara asks how did he dared to touch her brother Raghu asks to shut up her mouth! Raghu holds her hands so tightly that her bangles breaks! Raghu leaves her hands bt antara still stares at him angrily

Antara goes away frm there! Govind shouts at Antara MachMach n Battery comes in there house n damages things of there house MachMach asks antara to come out bt she denies! Battery was abt to break a contrainer bt Antara stops him n tell them she is coming!

Battery says asks antara to apologise frm Raghu bt Antara asks him SORRY for what *thappad k liye* Antara says on whose behalf she should says sorry! Frm that glass which he broke or frm that family which isnt locked up in the room yet or on behalf of her brother whom he or on behalf of those street peoples for being alive

Finally raghu stops her

Raghu asks her is she a judge or police bcoz she is taking tension for those localites Raghu says that basti is his not hers! Antara says thats her family not his

It was like Aa Dekhen Zara Kisme Kitna Hai Dum

Antara asks Raghu to stay away frm his family! Antara goes away frm there!

One man says she is a girl or a fighter! Came to say sorry to raghu bt went away by giving tough reply to him Raghu comes to antara’s house *knocks strongly all r scared* Govind was abt to open door bt raghu breaks it MachMach n battery throws all the watter filled things on the ground *save water gaya bhaad mein*

MachMach asks not to provide water to antara n her family

Precap: Antara n Battery fights for a matka of water! Battery says they wont get water where as antara asks him to keep it back! Raghu takes it frm them n throws it on the ground! Raghu gives her time till evening n asks her to come n asks to bow down n asks for forgiveness!

Update Credit to: Nidz

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