Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai calling Antara. Antara goes to meet her and asks what happened. Maai says what I thought of, did not happen, and it happened, which I did not ever thought of. She shows her a napkin and says I made this for you, to give you when you came here getting married, but…. She gives her the napkin and says Raghu became Satya now. Maai says the fate wanted this to happen, and we can’t change it, but have to accept it. Maai says you keep it with you, you will need it. Antara says what do you mean. Maai says you will go to your mum’s house, for patphere ritual, then you will need it. Antara says yes. Antara takes her blessings touching her feet. Maai blesses her and Antara leaves from her room.

Raghu is talking to the locality people. Maai calls Raghu and asks him some work. Maai says I m feeling odd to tell you, Antara is going for patphere ritual, take a shagun gift for them. Raghu says fine, I will ask MachMah to do this. Rasika hears all this. Maai insists Raghu to go. Raghu says fine, I will go. Maai says I wanted you to marry Antara but…. Raghu says I can’t say no to you. Maai says thats why I love you. Maai laughs and tell this to Rasika. Rasika also laughs.

Antara meets her mum. Antara’s mum is happy to see her married. She says I could not be in your wedding. Antara’s mum thinks Antara married Raghu. She asks her about Satya. Noor asks them to have some food first. Antara brings kheer for her which she made. Her mum likes it and asks Noor to bring a spoon. She tastes it and likes it. Antara smiles. Her mum still talks about her dad. She asks about Raghu. Raghu comes there and her mum is happy to see Raghu. Antara is shocked to see Raghu there at her house. Raghu comes with the gifts.

Her mum makes Raghu eat the kheer. Raghu looks at Antara. She praises the kheer a lot. Raghu says yes, its good. Her mum says tell me how your life changed when you married her. Raghu says yes, it changed. He says this are the shagun gifts, Maai has send this. She says I m happy that Antara is happy with you. Raghu asks her to keep the gifts. She asks Noor to welcome Raghu well as he is her son in law now. Antara and raghu look at each other. Her mum asks Raghu about his honeymoon plan. Raghu is worried. She says no plan yet? Raghu says yes, we are still thinking where to go. Her mum says you would have gone to Kashmir. Raghu is shocked.

Antara says no, he went to Kashmir and…. Her mum asks when did you go, did you meet Antara’s dad. Raghu is speechless. Noor says make them play the ring ritual. Antara says what ring. Her mum says we will put the ring in the milk and you both will try to find it, lets see who wins. Raghu looks at Antara looking upset. Noor brings the milk. Maai tells Satya that Antara went to her mum’s house for patphere ritual. She says you have to go there and bring her back. Manohar says go and bring her. He says Raghu is around Antara like a honey bee. Satya gets angry and Maai smiles looking at him.

Manohar talks to Maai and says I don’t understand why you have sent Satya there as Raghu is still there. Maai says its diwali, its good to see fire crackers. Antara’s mum puts her husband’s ring in the milk. Raghu says I have to go for some work, lets do this later. She says no way, you have to play. She says you are newly married, give some time to your wife. She asks them to start the ritual. Antara is tensed. Noor looks on. Raghu and Antara put their hands in the milk and start finding the ring. Her mum says will you stop looking at each other, find the ring. Raghu holds Antara’s hand and she looks at him. They think about their love moments and Antara takes her hand out.

Raghu gets the ring. Antara’s mum smiles. She says Raghu won, now Antara has to listen to him the whole life as Raghu will be the ruling one. She says make Raghu wear this ring now. Its his prize. Antara is worried. Her mum says what are you thinking, come on, make him wear the ring. Antara is about to put the ring on Raghu’s finger…. Antara is hesitant….. Satya enters and sees this. He gets angry and shocked. He says it looks like something is going on here. Antara is afraid seeing him. her mum welcomes Satya and says Raghu won, now he will rule over Antara’s heart. Satya gets angry and looks at Antara. Her mum says you will also play this ritual with your wife when you get married. Satya says my wife, my marriage….. He says fine, I will be waiting for that game.

Raghu gets up and says now I will go. Her mum stops him. Raghu says I have to go. She says you have to take Antara with you. Raghu looks at Satya. Raghu says Sahib will take Antara home. Her mum says what are you saying, Antara is your wife, how can he take her. Satya looks at them.

Her mum says Antara will go only with Raghu. Antara says Raghu has some work, I will go alone. Her mum says you go with him now itself. She says I will be back. Satya scolds Raghu and Antara for not telling her the truth. Antara sys you know about my mum’s health, it can affect her. She says I know I m whose wife. Her mum comes back with a gift, its a saree for Antara. She blesses them and hugs Antara asking her to take care. Satys is angry.

Maai tells Antara’s mum about Satya and Antara’s marriage and tells her that Raghu has killed your husband. Antara’s mum is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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