Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai talking on phone. She calls Satya and Satya talks to him on phone. Satya is happy and asks her to come home as the party will be in the locality first. He asks her to come to them in the janmashtami. Maai tells Satya that you also came in the janmashtami after completing your studies. Satya says I remember everything and thinks about Raghu and Antara. He thinks how he killed Antara and Raghu. He says start the janmashtami preparations.

The Dahi haandi is placed in the locality. MachMach is sitting there drinking wine and thinking about Raghu and Antara. Manohar sees him and goes. Everyone takes Satya’s name calling out Sahib. Satya and Maai come out. MachMach looks at the angrily. Satya asks everyone to become quiet. He says happy janmashtami

but today its a special day as my pride is coming back home. A girl is shown coming in the locality. Satya says my pride will be breaking this Dahi haandi. Maai says this is mine, no one should touch it

Maai asks where is your pride. Satya says she walks with time, on time. Manohar plays the shank. A girl is shown tying her hair and going ahead. Geeta is doing the puja. Noor says I m missing Raghu and Antara a lot. Geeta says when you miss someone a lot, the really come. She says today it will definitely happen. She says he was born today, she says I know he will erase all the sins. Satya and Maai are looking on. The girl climbs up the pyramid and ……….. Geeta says this war is different and he has to get over this hurdle. Geeta says Krishna has to fight with Kans. Satya sees the girl breaking the handi.

The girl breaks the dahi haandi. Everyone looks at her. She looks at Maai and Satya and waves hi. She walks in and looks at Manoha. She opens the gate of Maai’s house and gets inside. She goes upstairs and washes her face. Her face is shown now. She has the money with her and says this haandi is this locality’s but this locality is Vedika’s. She smiles. She goes to Satya and says I have broken Satya’s record, how are you feeling. She gives him the money of the haandi.

Satya smiles seeing her. She is his daughter. He says I m proud of you as you are my pride. She laughs. Satya says celebrate it well, dance like never before, sing, as my pride has come back, beat the dhol. Maai smiles. Satya says welcome back my princess. She hugs him saying Papa. Noor says when will Krishna come. Geeta says very soon.

A guy is shown walking near the bus. Vedika calls Manohar and takes her photos making some poses. She sees her earring fell and says oh. Manohar comes to her. He talks to her. Satya’s wife comes to Vedika and looks at her. She asks what was the need for you to do this, its a men’s act and you are a girl. Vedika says don’t tell this infront of my dad, I m not his daughter, I m his son. He calls me his pride right. She cares for her feet. Vedika says don’t talk about my dad, after all you don’t understand him.

Satya’s wife cries. Krishna enters the locality at night and he looks around. He sees Vedika’s earring fallen in the ground. He picks it up. Vedika is served food with eggs. Vedika says this does not look egg, it looks like eggs broken in my plate. She says don’t confuse me, these are eggs but not good. These are half fried, I will show you how to make. She shows the maid the photo of the half fried eggs. She asks Maai to explain the maid to cook properly. Maai says don’t spoil your mood. She asks the maid to cook well as seen in the photo. Vedika hugs Maai.

Satya’s wife Manjari comes there. Maai and Vedika look at her. Manjari asks Vedika not to discard food and value the food. Maai asks her to go and make the food that Vedika likes. Vedika says I don’t like my mum, my dad is so handsome and look at my mum, why did you make the marry. Maai says so that we get you. Maai says Sahib is planning a surprise for you. Vedika gets happy and goes to Satya. She is shocked to see Satya.

Vedika hears a vioiln sound and comes out of the gate smiling. She sees Krishna playing it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Missing rantara.. The new leads are ok. But I see this over and over again.

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