Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone blaming Antara. Antara says I did not do anything. The women say call the police and starts beating Antara. Raghu comes to her rescue. He says no one will touch her, if anyone does, then… the women say then what should we do, people are suffering because of her, the sweets she made. Rasika says I added the poison in her sweets and now Antara has to go to jail, and even Raghu can’t save her. Raghu says how can you blame her. The people say only those are ill who had the sweets. The people say even Arshad got ill. They say we will call the police. Raghu says why will she add poison in the sweets. Raghu says she made the sweets, I will ask her and will prove it to you by eating the sweets. Antara goes and brings the sweets.

Raghu says people got ill eating this, right, now I will eat it, I trust her and I know I won’t become ill eating this. The people ask Raghu not to eat it. Raghu says I trust her and looks at Antara. He says she made this sweet with love. He says now you all see what happens to me. Raghu eats the sweets. The people say we have sent the sweet for testing. Raghu says ok, but don’t blame her till then. Mami and MachMach come there. Raghu says lets go inside. MachMach asks Raghu is anything happening. Mami says nothing will happen, Antara says I made Aaji eat it. MachMach says I doubt on Rasika, she was near the sweets at the time of Nikaah. Raghu asks why will she do it. MachMach says she does not like Antara, she did the Ghungroo issue with Antara. Raghu leaves in anger. Rasika is dreaming that Antara will go to jail.

Raghu comes shouting Kaki. He asks her about the sweets and what she was doing there. Rasika is stunned and asks why. She says I was in hall, what happened. Raghu says nothing. MachMach says you went in kitchen right. Rasika lies and asks why are you asking this. Raghu tells her everything. Raghu says MachMach saw you in the kitchen. Rasika says you are doubting me. Daya Maai says you were saying Rasika added poison in the sweets. Raghu keeps quiet. Daya Maai looks at Antara and scolds her. Antara says no. Maai scolds MachMach also and asks did you see her adding poison. MachMach says no. Daya Maai takes Rasika’s side and saves her. Rasika smiles.

Daya Maai says you want to say I m lying. MachMach says ok, maybe I m wrong. Raghu says its ok, whatever you say is right for me Maai. She asks Antara to leave. Raghu signs Antara to leave. Antara leaves. Maai stops Raghu and says you are trusting them and fighting with your family. She emotionally backmails Raghu and counts what she did for him. She says you are doing this because of Antara. Raghu takes Antara’s side. Maai shouts enough and says you started arguing with me because of Antara, you have changed a lot. He says Antara has to say how did the sweets got the poison. Raghu is silent. Maai says you have grown up here, the people have done so many favors on you, remember this.

Maai taunts Raghu. She asks him to leave. Raghu says Maai…. She says enough, no more arguments. Antara has to say sorry to everyone, and if they forgive her, then … Raghu greets Maai by touching her feet. Raghu leaves. Maai looks at Rasika and asks from where did the poison come. Maai says don’t play such games, play such game in which we win. Maai leaves. Rasika smiles and says I have come in Maai’s good books.

The women bring the test results that the sweets were poisoned. Raghu says say sorry to them. Antara says its not my mistake. Raghu says its your mistake that you made the sweets. Raghu says leave it, they won’t understand. Antara says I don’t know how it happened, I m sorry. She says I m ashamed, you can punish me. The women scolds Antara. Raghu says I will take care of the expenses. The women praise Raghu and blesses him and leaves. Mami says lets go inside Antara, thank Lord that everything is fine. Raghu looks at Antara and says why are you upset. He talks with Antara, they start arguing. She says thanks and he says I don’t like incomplete talk. She says you don’t listen to anyone. He says you are fighting like Pakya’s wife. She says don’t compare me with Pakya’s wife. Raghu goes after her and holds her hand and stops her. He brings her somewhere and says tell me now what you want to say.

He says what did I say, I asked you to say sorry, and you are fighting with me. He says the guests were our responsibility, so we should apologize. He says this area is my responsibility, Maai says this. He says don’t cry now, atleast not infront of me. She says what do you think of yourself, that everyone should hear you. She says what do you think, I was about to say them sorry, but you… She says I m not angry on you, you thought I won’t say sorry to them, you did not understand me, I know my duty, I was in hospital taking care of everyone and you think I m not responsible. She cries. Raghu says ok, it was a misunderstanding, now everything is fine. He says when everything is fine, then why are you crying. Antara leaves.

MachMach tells Aaji that Raghu and Antara fought again. He says Antara cried again and Raghu… Aaji gives him instructions what to do next. MachMach says yes. Aman talks to Raghu. Aman gives him a letter and asks him to read it. Raghu thinks what might be written in this letter and opens the letter. Aman leaves.

Few people kidnap Antara and Simran. Raghu goes after them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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