Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with MachMach getting conscious. He opens his eyes and tries to get up. He walks with a help of a stick. He stands outside Maai’s house’s gate and looks at the house. He looks at Antara’s house and thinks about Antara and Raghu. He thinks about the past life. There is no one in the locality. Sad music…………… plays……………….. He cries thinking about Raghu.

The scene shifts to Daya Maai who is crying at her home doing Antara’s Shraddha with Manohar. Maai asks the pandit to do it quick. She says I don’t care even if its late, the time has changed. Maai smiles saying it will happen what is about to happen. She asks Satya’s new wife to go and call ……………… A man enters and everyone looks at him. He comes and sits infront

of Antara’s and Raghu’s photo and throws sindoor, haldi at the photos. That day, Satya shot Raghu. Satya is still alive. Satya is doing the havan for Raghu and Antara.

Satya says I wish they won’t get peace ever. The pandit is shocked. Satya scolds the pandit. The pandit says the havan is always kept for peace. Satya says I can’t forget what my wife did. Satya says its 21 years passed by now. Maai says you do this Shraddh every year. Satya says no one is obedient. He looks at his present wife and asks for water. The pandit argues with Satya and the goons point their guns at him. Maai asks the pandit to finish the vidhi soon. The pandit starts chanting the mantras. He says start the havan now. Satya does it.

Satya looks at Raghu’s photo and thinks about Raghu’s words. The pandit says the havan is completed and does the aarti. He gives them the aarti. Satya takes the aarti plate and looks at his wife angrily. She gets scared and comes in his way. He moves her and leaves. Antara’s mum comes and laughs on them. Maai says come in.

Antara’s mum Geeta taunts Maai. She looks at Satya and taunts him. She says no one can win love by force. She says atleast remember this today. Satya says your daughter died, even your son in law and his illegal child. He says you are staying with MachMach right. He asks where is MachMach. Geeta says I have my children’s memories with me. She says Janmahstami is coming, every bad thing will end that day. Geeta does the tilak to Satya and says when he comes, he will kill you and your every sin.

She says that time I will come, wait till then. Satya smiles and says fine, its your dream, it won’t be true ever. He says no one will kill me. Geeta tells Maai to tell the Krishna gatha to Satya and tell him about what happened with Kans. She asks them to come in janmashtami and washes the shank. She says no one can stop him, you will get what you sow. She taunts them and plays the shank. Geeta leaves and thinks about Antara. Geeta meets MachMach and says I did not lose hope, tomorrow the time will change for sure.

Two new leads are shown.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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