Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with MachMach looking for Aman. He sees Daya Maai, Rasika and Manohar in Noor’s Nikaah. Everyone greet Daya Maai. MachMach asks Maai does she want tea. She says yes and he leaves to get it. Rasika brings something with her and makes an excuse and leaves. Mami greets Daya Maai and thanks her for coming. Ishaan touches Maai’s feet and greets her. Antara also greets her. Mami says I have some work and leaves. Rasika goes to put poison on the sweets Antara made. She laughs and says this sweets have become poison now. MachMach comes and asks her what she is doing here. Rasika says I came to take water. She leaves. MachMach does not understand and says she is mad. He takes the sweets. Anatar says hurry up, the baraat may come any moment. Rasika comes back and sits.


welcomes the baraat by sweets. Ishaan welcomes Arshad. Antara makes Arshad eat sweets. Rasika sees this and smiles. Arshad asks Antara where is Raghu. Antara says he did not come, he will be coming soon. Antara waits for Raghu and says he did not come till now. Raghu is on the way thinking about Antara. Antara brings Noor in the hall. Arshad smiles seeing her. The nikaah starts and Noor says Qubool Hai. Arshad too says Qubool Hai. The Nikaah is done. Raghu asks the driver to drive faster. Noor and Arshad greet Daya Maai and she gifts them. Antara sees Daya Maai leaving.

Noor greets everyone and cries. She says I will miss you all. Noor hugs Mami. Mami says don’t cry else your makeup will spoil and Arshad won’t recognize you. Noor smiles. Noor hugs Ishaan and asks him to promise that he will have milk daily and sleep on time and study well. Antara says enough, smile now. She says you will be close to us, and hugs Noor. Noor asks her to take care and call her if she needs anything. Arshad takes Noor with her and leaves. Antara comes home and cries. She thinks of calling Raghu and thinks of his words that he never breaks his promises. She puts her cell phone in anger and goes outside. She sees Raghu coming and smiles seeing him. She walks towards him and then runs to him.

She hugs him and the song Mera Mahi tu …… plays. Raghu does not understand. Antara says you did not meet me before leaving, and you left me alone, why. She says you did not even call me, I felt alone without you. She says you are a liar, you broke your promise. She says why are you quiet, I was looking at the door and waiting for you, but you came now. She says I was very much alone without you, but you can’t understand this, I trust you and when you are not infront of me, you won’t understand. Raghu thinks about Aaji’s words. Antara starts crying. Raghu hugs her too.

Aman comes to his room and is tensed as he saw Antara’s family photo. He thinks how he did that big mistake and made Raghu do it by telling him lies. Raghu has kept the gift outside Antara’s house in Kashmir and how Antara’s dad got killed. Aman cries and breaks down.

Antara tells Raghu that he does not know. Raghu says I understood, forgive me for the last time, I will not do like this alone. He says from today, I will come infront of you before you think of me. He promises to her that he will not leave her under any circumstances. Aman thinks what he will do. He says if Antara knows that the one she thinks is her friend, is actually her dad’s murderer. He says I will tell Raghu everything but what will be Raghu’s reaction to this. He says I don’t care, I will tell Raghu.

Raghu asks Antara not to cry. Antara ends the hug and they have an eyelock. He says sorry. She says no, I m sorry. He asks why. She says I will go now, its very late. He says yes, go, but… She says but what…. He says nothing. Antara turns and leaves. Raghu sees her going. Antara’s heart is with Raghu and she is unable to leave. She turns and sees him again. She finally leaves.

Aman tells Raghu that I have written everything in this letter, you read it. Raghu starts reading the letter.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Soooo romantic…
    Antara n raghu hugs each other,i just luv this scene…..But he is the murderer ,soooo sad,vry soon raghu ko antara se thappad bhi milne vala he..

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