Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidhaan telling Vedika that he did not lie to her since he met her and he could not hate her ever. She says I love you Vidhaan. He says I love you too Vedika. He hugs her. Satya is in the terrace and looks at Antara’s house. He doubts seeing the door closed. Vedika plans her life with Vidhaan. She says we can atleast dream right. He says I did not know you are so romantic, I wish our every dream become true. She asks why did you doubt on my being romantic. She says you don’t know me till now. He asks like what. She says I don’t like soft toys, teddy bears, chocolates. He says fine, I will gift something else on our anniversary. She says anniversary. He says we can atleast dream right. She smiles.

She says I wish we could get married. He holds her hand and says our dream will really become true. He takes out Antara’s chunri and says I don’t know the marriage mantras but I will marry you and accept you as my wife. Rab hai raazi jo tu hai raazi…………. plays…………………. he makes her wear the dupatta. She smiles. He cuts his thumb and applies the blood as sindoor in her maang. Ve Mahiya……………. plays………….. He burns Satya’s photos and takes rounds with her. He promises that he will always keep her happy and will always protect her from all problems.

Vedika also promises that she will always support Vidhaan under any circumstances. Vidhaan says I don’t have mangalsutra and ties a black thread to her. He says I promise that I will not kill your dad. Vedika says but if he kills you. He says if he tries to do that, I will meet you very far from here. He shows her Antara’s dairy. She takes the diary and sees a dry rose. He preserves it back in the diary. Satya shouts Vidhaan, come out. Vidhaan says I have your daughter with me and whatever you do, remember you can’t meet Vedika. Satya says if anything happens to her, don’t you dare.

Vidhaan says confess in court, you will get Vedika. Satya gives him one hour time, I promise you I will kill you. Satya sees Vedika and says I m here, are you fine. She says stop this, please. Vidhaan aims his gun at Vedika. Satya says leave her. Vedika says you killed his parents and now him. She says you to,d me that a devil lived here, but confess in court please. Satya says he is lying. Satya says what did you tell her. Satya says I told this to save you. Vedika says don’t lie please. Vidhaan says confession. Satya says you don’t know me, I will kill you.

Vidhaan says I know you in 21 years. Satya says you know me but don’t know what can I do. Satya laughs. He says now lets see how your voice changes. They bring Geeta at gun point. Vidhaan is shocked to see her. Geeta signs no to Vidhaan. Vedika tells Vidhaan……. Satya looks at Geeta angrily. He says I told you don’t know me, bring my daughter back, else it will be all on you. Geeta says no Vidhaan, I did not teach you to become weak. Satya laughs.

Satya removes Geeta’s shawl and throws it. She taunts him. He burns the shawl and calls out Vidhaan. Satya insults Geeta by putting color on her. Vedika asks Vidhaan not to give up. Satya asys bring my daughter down. Geeta says don’t listen to him, we want justice. Vedika says the same. Satya ties Geeta in a rope and says I told you I will do this when the truth comes out. Geeta says do whatever you want, you can’t win this game, your mum did not teach you anything, a body dies but a soul. What will you get, you have lost your family too. Satya gets angry.

Geeta taunts Satya. Satya shoots Geeta. Vedika cries seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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