Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu lighting fire in the house and lifting Antara in his arms to take the phears with her. Antara cries seeing this. He walks and takes the pheras with her thinking about their love moments. Antara thinks about him and his words. She suddenly takes her last breath and drops her head. She dies and Raghu makes her lie on the ground. Sad music plays…………………….. Raghu closes her eyes. He holds her hand and looks at her. Raghu asks someone about his baby. The man says I don’t know about Antara’s mum and the baby.

The inspector comes and says its a police case, we are taking the body for postmortem. Raghu gets angry and comes in the locality shouting out Satya. He shouts Satya…………… again and again standing on his jeep asking

him to come out. Raghu taunts him and asks him to come and face him, else he will come to him and kill him. Satya comes out and is angry seeing Raghu. Maai sees Raghu too. Raghu challenges Satya to come to him. All the people start running away and closing their house’s doors and windows. Raghu walks towards the Maai’s house.

Raghu looks at Antara’s house and thinks about Antara. He thinks about Antara’s words. Maai smiles seeing Raghu. Raghu comes till the gate and stares at Satya angrily. Raghu asks Maai where is my child. Maai says your child, oh yes, you are a father now, congrats. Maai says I thought you will bring your child here after your wife’s death, but where is the baby, don’t be angry, I have thought of you as my son, don’t worry, I will look after the child. She says Antara has died, she was a bad woman, she created rift between the brothers and took away my son from me.

Maai opens the gate and her arms asking Raghu to come inside. She says everyone will accept you. Raghu says enough…………….. Satya comes down while Maai is talking to Raghu. Raghu looks into Maai’s eyes and says do you remember when you mixed poison in Antara’s milk and you came to me to explain me, I felt that a parent can do anything for their child. He asks Maai to return his baby else he will kill Satya. Maai is shocked and looks at him angrily. Raghu asks Satya where is his baby boy. Maai’s goons comes there.

Raghu says Maai, you did my upbringing, do you still think you can save Satya by using these goons. Satya comes out finally and calls Raghu a dog. He says people might be coming to take your dead body. Satya asks the goons not to come in between him and Raghu. Raghu asks Satya to return his child only then he will spare his life, else he has promised Antara that he won’t leave him alive.

Satya says you might have told her that we will be meeting soon near the Lord, lets make your wish true, its my promise. Satya says I will send you to your Miss Kaul. Satya says I don’t know about your child, but the way I killed Antara, I will kill you too the same way. He says Antara was taking your name when she was dying. Raghu beats Satya and Satya falls down. Maai shouts Raghunath. Raghu says still you have an option, return my child and I will spare you son forgetting that you killed Antara.

Maai says you are doing a mistake. Raghu confronts Maai and says you did not do my upbringing, you have always used me, what did you get doing this. Satya beats Raghu from behind. Raghu gets hurt. Satya beats him further. Maai looks on. Raghu starts beating Satya and Maai gets worried. Their fight continues……………. Raghu is beaten up but he thinks of Antara dying in his arms, and gets up to beat Satya. Raghu thinks about Antara and Satya aims his gun at him. Raghu is not scared seeing the gun and looks at him angrily.

Raghu beats Satya and the gun falls. Satya takes uo a metal rod and Raghu moved and lifts the gun. Raghu finally shoots Satya in his chest. Maai shouts Sahib…………… Satya falls on the ground. Maai and her goons runs to Satya. Raghu taunts Maai for seeing her son in pain, he says think what will you do if your son dies. Raghu says even I m a father now, go inside, because you can’t se your son dying. Raghu asks Maai to leave as he will be counting till three. Maai’s anger is at peaks.

Manohar comes and throws dust in Raghu’s eyes. Raghu could not see anything and Satya attacks him. Raghu shouts Antara. Maai asks Satya to beat Raghu so much that no one dares to speak against her. Satya beats Raghu and Maai says see no one is supporting you and no one will cry on your death. Maai gives a gun to Satya and asks him to kill Raghu. MachMach comes and gives a gun to Raghu. Satya kills MachMach. Raghu and Satya aim their guns at each other and shoot. The blood falls on Maai’s face and she is stunned.

Maai is preparing for Antara’s Shraddha. Someone comes at her gate.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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