Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya coming to Antara and staring at her. Antara looks at him while doing her work. He says work slowly, I m waiting. She asks for what. He says I will tell you, finish your work first. Satya taunts Antara and says this is the proof of your love with Raghu. She takes it from him. He says no, it has to be thrown like a garbage. He throws it in dustbin. Some goons come in the locality and asks her money. Raghu saves the people fro those goons. The goons laugh at Raghu.

Maai comes and beats the goons. Maai says you will sit in my seat, will you. She beats him badly. Manohar comes and stops Maai saying what are you doing, he is not Antara. She says it will be her one day. Raghu asks Maai to calm down and asks the goons to take his fellow and tell this to Shetty Anna. Maai says the day will come when I hit Antara as she wants to rule in the Naik Sadan taking my place. Raghu asks Maai are you fine. She says no. She says when you are not well, how can I be well. Raghu says I will manage everything. Maai says sorry to him for not being able to take care of the situation. Raghu says you did this for my happiness.

She says yes, I wanted you to be happy but we can’t change it, we will take care of our house and this locality, but you need to be happy. Raghu says I m fine Maai, I will be fine, you don’t worry. He says I will bear this pain. He greets Maai and she blesses him. Maai smiles and leaves. Rasika comes to Antara and Satya and says you took good care alone, you might be tired, have this tea. Satya smiles. Rasika looks around. Satya says what are you looking out, I did not expect Antara to make space in my room and heart. Rasika smiles and says great, smart Antara.

Antara takes the dupatta from the dustbin. Rasika says its the same dupatta when you danced so well with Raghu. She says sorry, its old now, dance with Satya now. Satya says come later. Rasika says sorry for disturbing and leaves. She says this dupatta is valuable for me, it will remind me of my pains. She keeps it back in her cupboard. Satya looks on. Antara cries at night. Satya asks Antara to go and stop Raghu from playing the mouth organ.

Antara goes to him. They think about their old moments and cry. Antara hears the music of the mouth organ and cries more. Satya is keeping an eye on them. Raghu looks at Antara and says Miss Kaul. Antara comes back to him again.
Raghu looks at Antara and they have an eyelock. She turns crying. She tells him stop playing this sound. Raghu says why, is this sound also Sahib’s. Antara says this is troubling my Sahib, stop this forever. She leaves saying this. Satya is looking at her. She comes back to Satya. Raghu looks at her while she leaves. He gets upset. Satya tells Antara you did whatever I told you, good girl. You are an ideal wife, but you have broken a promise, and you have to pay for it. Antara goes away from him. He says still its pending. Antara gets tensed.

Satya reminds her that you have touched Raghu today. He says now we have to settle our scores. He comes closer to Antara and says now I can break my limits. Antara give shim explanations and says I did not break my promise and won’t give you chance to break your limit. He says what can I do, you have broken the promise. He says you called me a devil and you chose me now you should know what does a devil do. Antara gets angry and removes her dupatta and says do what you want. Satya looks at her.

Satya closes the door and gets closer to Antara. He holds her in her arms…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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