Do Dil Ek Jaan 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 20th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Noor crying. MachMach asks her not to cry and says Antara is still my sister. He sees Raghu upset. Ruksana asks him to be with Raghu and take care of him. Ruksana takes Noor with her. Raghu leaves with MachMach. Rasika asks Maai are you fine, you have welcomed Antara and we could not do anything, we will also listen to her. Manohar scolds Rasika and says this is the first time I saw the failure of Maai in this house. He says I will disappear Antara, you tell me. Maai leaves angrily.

Raghu comes somewhere and his jeep gets stuck in a mud stop. MachMach says I will go and call someone. Raghu sees the dirty water and tries to lift the jeep. He thinks about Antara’s and Satya’s words and is angry. He shouts Antara and pulls the jeep out. he gets hurt and he runs away. MachMach calls Raghu and he leaves. Satya comes to Antara and Raghu sees them together. Satya also see Raghu and talks sweetly to Antara. He says jaan, I need some sugar. Antara says I will send it for you. Satya says no need, you can add sugar in this by your sweer lips. Raghu is watching this. Raghu comes inside their room. Antara sees him and the blood in his hands.

Satya calls Raghu disturbance. He says we are newly married, so leave me alone. Antara cries seeing Raghu’s wounds. Raghu says Sahib, I did not come to talk to you, but leave us alone for a while. Satya laughs and says great, my wife and you need privacy. He says Antara tell him about out love. Raghu gets angry. Raghu leaves and Antara closes the door on his face. Satya is happy and tells Antara that you have done a mistake, you broke your promise by touching Raghu, you have hold his hand and he gets closer to her saying now I will have to break my promise.

Antara gets scared. He says don’t do this again and leaves. Antara cries thinking about Raghu’s wound. Satya comes to Maai. Maai asks him why did you marry Antara knowing she loves Raghu and she is still Raghu’s. Maai says like you are still Raghu’s. He says what are you seeing like this, I told it right. I m your son but you love Raghu more. Maai says who told you that I love Raghu more. Satya smiles and says fine, lets play a game, see in my eyes and tell me what you see. Maai looks in his eyes and says I can see hatred for me and Raghu. She says I can’t understand you. He says I also can’t understand, you failed. He says you see love in Raghu’s eyes and can’t you see love in my eyes for Antara. Maai says this is rubbish.

Satya says you made my issue infront of everyone. He says you stood with Raghu against me. Maai says that day… He says I tried to get Antara that day, but you failed. He says this is your love. Maai says you have gone mad. You love Antara, you don’t know Antara loves Raghu and will always love Raghu. She says let me tell you, Antara is only Raghu’s. She says i know you, you are very adamant, you need what you want. She says you snatched her from Raghu. She says play with her then dump her, but don’t let her sit on your head as she is not your type. Satya gets angry. Maai says do as I said, as this is true.

Satya says Antara is Mrs. Antara Satya Naik now. He says don’t tell me how to be with my wife. He says I m not feeling good, talk to Antara with respect. Satya says I love you Maai and leaves. Maai gets angry.

Raghu washes the blood on his hands. Antara comes to him with the first aid box. He sees the medical box and says so you brought this, you gave me pain and now you are doing the aid. He says I won’t do anything for you, I can die for you, but first tell me why you married Satya, did he made you helpless or is was by your wish. He says maybe Satya scared you, you also know how is he, he is a devil. She says he is not like you, he is better than you, he misbehaved with me but you killed my dad. She says you have cheated me and sat in the mandap, Sahib is better than you, he has hold my hand when I had no one with me.

Raghu says you married a devil. She says I chose the devil as you were the killer of my dad. It was my decision. She says take this medicines, you will be better. He says what about my heart’s wounds. She says learn to live with pain as i m also learning this. She taunts him and leaves. Satya sees Antara and says great, so you are with Raghu again. He says you are calling me a devil and I call you my jaan, do you know what devils do. He scares Antara and she leaves.

Satya taunts Antara and says if you stay with a devil, anything can happen. She removes her dupatta and says do what you want.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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