Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara crying in the hospital. Raghu comes in the hospital trying to find Antara. He shouts Miss Kaul. He asks everyone to call her. He says I mean Antara, her name is Antara. He comes to know that Antara is inside there in that room. Everyone stop him from going in. Raghu thinks about MachMach’s words and he looks at the baby’s photos. He sees Antara coming out from the room. She is shocked to see him. She cries seeing him. He stops her as she leaves.

He holds her hand and they have an eyelock. He says did you kill the baby? He says what was his mistake? Why did you do this? he gets angry. He says how can you kill my child. She cries. She says no, I could not do it. She says I did not do, I could not separate myself from you. She hugs him. They

have a lovely hug. She says I can’t hate you, I did not succeed in hating you, I tried a lot but could not. Raghu smiles. He holds her face and says I m with you. He says I m sorry, forgive me. He says it was an accident. She says what will we do now.

Satya comes and says I will say what to do. Antara and Raghu are shocked to see him. Satya comes with a gun. Satya taunts Antara. He says if anyone can’t go back or forward, they have to go up. He says I can bear anything, but not cheat. He says you are my wife and mother of his child. He aims his gun at them. Everyone shouts. Satya is angry and sees Raghu and Antara holding hands. He says I won’t hurt anyone, everyone go out from here. All the people run away.

Raghu is not afraid and stares at Satya. Satya says now I came to know that Raghu is the father of this child. He says I heard that you don’t want to kill the baby. He shouts on Antara. He says this is a big cheat. Antara says Sahib………… Satya says I felt good that you still remember my name. Antara says you know that I love Raghu. She says about our marraige, it was a cheat which we are giving each other. Satya says oh, you are like him, so take this. He aims at Raghu. He says I will kill him. Antara says Sahib and comes between.

Satya says I hate him. He says Antara you will be only mine. He says Raghunath, forgive me, you have to die for my living. Raghu holds the gun and says shoot me. He says don’t be adamant, Antara is not a toy that you will keep, even if you kill me, you won’t be able to get Antara. He says Antara will never be yours. Satya says whats not mine, will not be yours. He aims at Antara and Raghu. Antara is shocked.

Satya is about to shoot at Raghu and Antara looks at the trigger and he shoots. Antara is shocked. MachMach has beaten Satya from behind and saved Raghu. Antara hugs MachMach and Raghu smiles. Antara says how did you come here. MachMach says lets go from here. Satya falls on the ground. Raghu says lets go Antara. Antara says where. Raghu says we have to go away from Maai as she wants to kill you. Antara is shocked.

He says Maai mixed poison in that milk. I slapped you that day to cool down Maai, but now she won’t leave us, we have to run away. Antara says we will take police support. Raghu says no one can help us. When Satya came here, Maai would have sent her goons. I know Maai very well, we don’t have any other way, lets go. Raghu says Sahib, whats yours is with you, and whats mine I m taking it with me. They leave from the hospital.

Antara says you knew it that Maai wants to kill me. Raghu says yes, even MachMach knew it. Antara says what about my mum and Noor. MachMach says you can meet them later, you go now. Raghu and Antara look at each other and smile. Antara is happy, she sees the mouth organ and smiles seeing Raghu. MachMach says now go, talk on the way, Maai’s goons might be coming. Raghu and Antara see MachMach. Antara hugs MachMach. He gives her some money. She asks whats this. He says this is for the baby. He says see it will be baby boy, like my brother Raghu, and when he grows up, we will see Maai and Satya.

Raghu and MachMach shakes hands and hug. Raghu says we will meet soon. Raghu and Antara run away. MachMach waves bye to them and cries. Four days later……………………. Satya is shown with medical aid lying in his room. He wakes up and sees Maai. He thinks of that day and gets angry. He says Raghunath………. Maai says be patient. Satya says now you can’t save him. Maai says I m not saving him, I m finding him to kill him. Satya says I will kill them. Maai says I will find them and we will kill both of them. She says its my promise, our goons are finding them.

She says they have broken our trust, they will die. Satya says I will kill them by my hands. She makes him lie down and asks him to rest as he is not well. Days passes. Raghu and Antara are together and months passes by. Maai’s goons are still finding them. They beat up MachMach and Manohar tries to find out.

Maai says its three months now and scolds her goons for not finding anything about Raghu and Antara. Manohar says we got the news. Raghu and Antara are together. He holds her hand and gives her strength. Someone knocks their door and Antara panics. Raghu opens the door and aims his gun. Raghu is shocked to see ……………

Satya asks Antara to leave Raghu’s baby and come with her. Antara says its my and Raghu’s child, I won’t leave it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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