Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Aaji asking Raghu to take Antara to the Doc and goldsmith. Aaji helped Antara to get up. But Antara was in pain but she managed to get up. Raghu looked at Antara angrily and when Antara looked at him, he looked away. Aaji told Raghu that whatever rude he said to Antara should be the last time and in future he will never say anything bad to her. Antara slowly walked out.

Rasika was worried as her plan was failed.

In the car Antara tried to explain that she dont know that how Aaji came and strat dancing as she was not the part of dance but asked her to shut up and said that he is not saying anything because of Aaji. Then he said that once this ghungroo’s matter get sorted then he will see. Then only the car break down.. Raghu get down to catch what

happened then only Antara saw the fuel meter and try to tell Raghu but Raghu let her speak. But Antara told him that diesel tank is empty as meter is showing the same.

There aaji was suspicious about ghungroos and she says to machmach that he has wore these ghngroos so many times and Antara too has wore the before but never such incident took place. Rasika in her room was thinking that how her plan to throw Antara out of the house failed? She thought that Raghu came and he was Angry too but still Antara got stick to Raghu now. There machmach told Aaji that Ghungroo stuck like that if it has some gum in it. Aaji said that stopped machmach and said that her brain bell rang

Raghu checked his pockets and said frustratingly that he missed his phone. Antara said that she has her phone. Antara tried to get out of the car but then only Raghu hold her by her waist and said her to sit back in the car. Bg started(that was a close scene). He then saw a truck coming. Aaji was thinking all the things happened post puja and before puja and got to a conclusion and went out of the room followed by machmach.

Raghu stopped the truck and told the assistant and the driver that their car broke down and they want the lift for some distance. Sardarji,the driver agreed. Assistant asked them to sit in front but Raghu said no they will sit at back. assistant said that there is very less place but Raghu said that they can adjust very well. Assistance said Antara to get his help to sit but Raghu stopped him buy saying that he will do it. Raghu gave Antara his hand but Antara said she will manage. Raghu went in the truck forst and gave her his hand again and she this time took his hand and with a jerk she landed on Raghu. Bg started. After sometimes they came to reality and get back and sat in there places. Sardarji was feeling asleep and so the truck was not in the right direction, it was moving here and there on the road. This made Antara in interia but Raghu hold her shoulders so that she dont hit something, but she was struggling to get out of his grip but he tightened it.

Aaji went to Raika’s room and told her that her acting’s first part is over now.

Raghu asked Antara if she is in pain and Antara angirily said that what is it matter to him. But Raghu said that if she has gotten a curse on her that she could answer anything straight!! Antara said yes she is in pain. Raghu said that then why she has put gum to stick Ghungroo. She further said that yes its her plan that she has stuck it, so that he will pull them out and she will get hurt and they will come to this most comfortable long drive. Raghu angrily said stop her.

then only he realized that they have came to some unknown place. He looked down at the driver and found them asleep. He grabbed Antara’s hand but she asked him what he is doing. he then grabbed her waist and asked her to tighten her grip on his hands but she stuggled to get out of his grip but Raghu asked her to trust him. And finally they jumped off the truck and rolled down the road to some place. Antara has her eyes closed and she has grabbed his shirt. Raghu was on top of Antara Bg started. Raghu asked Antara to open her eyes. she did. they both asked at the same time if they are ok? if they got hurt? Raghu sat there only and looked around to find that they are at a jungle and he said where the hell we are??

Precap: Raghu was bandaging Antara’s wound..

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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