Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Daya Maai asking Raghu about Antara. Raghu asks her to think about the new plan, its a good idea. Daya Maai says ok, I will think about it. Raghu leaves. Manohar comes to Daya Maai and speaks against Antara. He adds fuel in the fire and says Raghu is changing your plan. Daya Maai says I decide everything and I will do the same in the future. Raghu comes out of the house. Antara sees him and calls him. Raghu talks to her. Antara asks did you talk to Daya Maai. Raghu says I spoke to her, she said she will think about it, she will agree. Raghu asks about the Noor’s wedding arrangements, he says we will go together. Antara says yes. Raghu asks about Aaji. Antara says she is fine and asks about Rahil. He says he is fine. Both don’t want to cut the call. Raghu

says I forgot to say, ok then… Antara says yes and cuts the call. Antara and Raghu smiles.

MachMach tells Aman about Raghu. He praises Raghu. He says Raghu came, now you can thank him. Aman is shocked to see Raghu. Raghu asks why are you shocked seeing me. Aman says it means that jeep was yours by which I got hurt. Raghu says yes. Raghu asks MachMach to take good care of Rahil Bhai. Aman is tensed and thanks Raghu for bringing him here. Raghu says its ok. Raghu asks him about his name, he asks is your name Rahil or Aman. Aman is shocked. Raghu asks whats the catch. Aman makes excuses. Raghu says ok, but your both names are different. Raghu asks him why he ran that day by seeing him. Aman says someone is after me. Raghu asks who. Aman says leave it, I was having a tension. Raghu says tell me, this area is mine and no one can look at my friend. Aman says its fine now.

Aman says I have to go now. Raghu says understand, as I told you I will take care of you. Aman thanks him and says I have some important work. Raghu says where will you go, give me a chance to serve you. Raghu makes him sit. Raghu says there is something you are not telling me, tell me. Raghu says I can give my life for my friend. He says stay here till you become fine. Aman agrees and nods yes. MachMach brings tea for them.

Raghu sees Manohar doing the work at the park. Manohar says we are making the shopping mall. Raghu says I spoke to Maai in the morning and asked her to make some changes. Manohar says Daya Maai asked me to do this. Raghu says she gave me this work. Manohar says I will do this, go from here and talk to Maai. Manohar laughs. Raghu comes to Daya Maai and asks her about the mall plan. She says I did what I felt is right. She asks did you not like my decision. He says I was just…. She says I know what you felt. She says I did your upbringing and I know when you don’t like my decision. Raghu says Maai, I just gave the suggestion. She says suggestions are given when you don’t like the decisions. She says you are making a mistake.

She says your duty can’t change, I think you are forgetting your duty by flowing in emotions. She says today you were going against my decision, maybe you don’t trust me anymore. Raghu says its not like this. She says ask yourself, My Raghu has changed. She says ask yourself wher you changed and why. Maai leaves. Antara is unable to sleep thinking why Raghu did not call her tonight. She goes in the balcony and sees Raghu’s terrace. She does not find Raghu. She sees Raghu sitting in his jeep alone. She comes to him and asks him why he is sitting alone. He says can’t I sit here and what are you doing here, leave me alone and go to sleep. Antara looks at him and asks why should I go. I can’t go, as you always helped me, how can I leave you in a problem. He says I don’t have any problem. She says look at me and tell me that you don’t have any problem. Raghu says your park will not be made now. Antara says so what.

She says we tried doing something did. Raghu says I regret asking Daya Maai about it. He says how could I make such a mistake. He says you won’t understand. I went against Daya Maai and she is annoyed with me, I can’t bear this. Antara says why are you blaming yourself. Raghu says I went against her, I m wrong. He says its a sin to go against the Lord and I should get the punishment. He leaves in anger.

Antara comes back home and Raghu thinks about Daya Maai’s words and gets angry. He does not play the mouth organ. The next morning, Daya Maai sees Antara making Aaji eat sweets. Maai shouts Antara seeing them. Aaji and Antara are shocked. She throws the sweets and says you are giving poison to Aaji. Antara says its sweets. Maai says its poison for her. She says you are here for taking care of Aaji and you don’t know whats suitable for her. Antara says I made these sweets with low sugar. Maai says I don’t listen to anyone when it comes to Aaji’s health. Maai scolds Antara and says only I take the decisions in this house. The servant comes and says Arshad Miyan came to meet you.

Maai asks Antara to leave as she can take care of Aaji. Antara cries and leaves. Aaji stops Antara. Antara says Maai is right, sweets can be harmful to you. Arshad thanks Daya Maai for opening a bakery for him. He says tomorrow is my Nikaah and I came here to invite you. He says I need your blessings and gives her the card. Arshad looks at Antara and smiles. Daya Maai says I don’t attend marriages but you are Raghu’s friend, so I will come. Arshad thanks her and leaves. Rasika brings tea for Daya Maai. Rasika tells her about Arshad and Noor.

Rasika speaks against Antara. She says I heard she tried to change your plan. Daya Maai gets angry and does not say anything. Antara comes out of the house and looks at Raghu. She comes to him and he says you amde me wait being from the bride’s side. She asks why were you waiting for me. He says we need to do shopping for the Nikaah’s decoration. She says I will do it myself. He says sit in the jeep quietly. Antara sits and they leave. Raghu says are you copying me being silent. I am silent, but you don’t look good being silent. He asks did something happened. Raghu’s phone rings. Antara asks him to stop the jeep and then talk. Raghu receives the car stopping the jeep. She asks him why are you shouting on me since morning. Raghu and Antara say sorry to each other and smile. He says I m sorry for shouting on you. She says I m sorry because you took the plan to Maai because of me. He says its my mistake. Antara and Raghu have a sweet talk.

Antara gets ready trying the bride’s clothes. Raghu says you are looking beautiful in his dress. Antara smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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