Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu thinking what he saw yesterday night about Antara and Satya’s marriage. Antara comes to him and he sees the sindoor in her maang. He asks her whats this. She says I m Satya’s wife now. She says you saw the truth, your dreams are shattered now. He holds her and she pushes him back. Raghu is shocked. He says what are you saying. She says I m Mrs. Naik, take my name with respect. Raghu looks at her. Satya comes to her calling her jaan. He says I was looking out for you and you are here. He asks Raghu did you sleep well.

He asks her to make breakfast for him. Raghu says what is this nonsense. Satya says explain Raghu whats true, that the relations have changed. Antara says yes Sahib, the relations have changed. She taunts Raghu and says come, I will make breakfast for you. Antara says I m Mrs. Satya Naik, call me only by this name. Satya hears all this. Antara taunts Raghu. Antara leaves and Raghu looks on. Satya shows the reality to Raghu.

Raghu gets angry and breaks the glass. Antara is sadly walking in the house. Raghu sees her and goes to her. He stops her looking at her. She says leave my way, my husband is hungry and needs breakfast. Raghu stops her and says tell me why you did this. Antara walks away. She goes to her room and closes the door seeing his face. Raghu is angry on seeing this and cries. Satya thanks Antara for the breakfast. Antara says tell this to everyone that your wife made breakfast for you.

Ruksana is shocked to know about Antara’s wedding with Satya. Raghu tells here everything. Raghu says Antara is now Saty’s wife. Ruksana says we were looking out for her and now whats all this. Raghu says I was drunk yesterday, they got married infront of me. He says I thought its a dream, but when I saw her with Satya, I did not understand anything, why will Antara do this with me. Antara comes and says why. Ruksana looks at her. Antara says ask yourself, you will get the answer. Ruksana is shocked to see the sindoor in Antara’s maang.

Antara tells them this is true. She goes to Raghu and says I married Satya in the mandap which Raghu decorated, where he came as a groom. Raghu cries. Antara shouts on him and says you cheated me, why are you quiet. Raghu says yes, but…. Antara says no but after a cheat. Raghu says I agree it was my mistake, but…. Antara says enough, don’t talk about my husband, he is not a liar like you, he did not kill anyone, he did not cheat anyone after loving her. She says Satya made me realize how important is my life, my life is only Sahib’s. Raghu is about to slap her but she holds his hand and stops him. Satya sees this and says she broke my promise by touching Raghu.

Antara warns Raghu saying how dare you try to slap me, I’m Mrs. Satya Naik. She taunts him and asks him to respect her. Satya gets angry seeing them. He calls jaan….. looking at Antara. Antara leaves Raghu’s hand and stands still. Maai is angry on Satya for marrying Antara. She throws the food plate with anger. Maai asks Rasika to clean it. Rasika calls the servant but Maai says I asked you to clean it. Manohar says clean it Rasika as Maai told you, you have to listen to her. Rasika agrees and cleans the floor. Maai looks at her.

Satya tells Antara that you broke the promise by touching Raghu, now if I do any mistake then…. He says I don’t know I should be happy or sad, I m confused. Ruksana tries to talk to Antara but Antara does not listen to her and taunts Raghu. Antara starts leaving, but Satya stops her to make Raghu jealous by holding her dupatta. He says I told you tears don’t look good in your eyes. He says don’t forget we are a happily married couple, smile to show them. Antara wipes her tears and leaves.
Satya taunts Raghu and smiles. Raghu gets angry but Ruksana takes Raghu with her and leaves.

Antara sees Rasika throwing Antara’s belongings. Maai gets angry on Antara.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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