Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara seeing that Raghu’s people are not allowing the kids to play in the park. She calls Raghu and talks with him about the matter. She says why are they removing the kid’s park. Raghu says Daya Maai is making a mall here. Antara says this is a park, how can you make the mall in place of the park. She says where will they play. Raghu says they will come and play in the mall, all types of video game. She says the kids need a park, not a mall. He says you don’t understand, people will get jobs here. Antara says you are making the kid’s future bad. He says the future will be bright. Antara says think of you being a kid. Raghu says Maai did my upbringing. Raghu says Maai wants me to do this and I will do it as she is my Lord and she can’t be wrong.

Antara and Raghu argue on this. Antara gets angry as Raghu does not listen to her. She leaves in anger.

Antara comes home. Mami says come inside and see whats going on. Noor is buying clothes for her wedding. Antara says why did these people come home. Mami says Raghu did this arrangement. Mami says its good that they came here. She says Raghu is helping us and you fight with him. She says if you don’t like, tell me, we will say no to them. Antara sees Noor happy and smiles. She says its ok, let it be. Mami says lets go and help Noor.

Antara comes to Raghu and he says I have decided I won’t tell anything to you, you can fight with me if you want. She says I brought kheer for you. She gives him the kheer. He says you want me to eat it so that you can fight with me. She says no, I don’t want to fight today. He says you have two points to fight with me. She says thanks for making my work easier. Mera Mahi Tu….. plays in the background. He says what about… She says eat kheer else it will become cold. She says I will leave now, good night. She comes back and says I forgot to ask you when did you go Kashmir, you did not tell me about it, why did you go there. Raghu says Daya Maai has sent me there.
He says he went to Srinagar. She says it means my house, she asks where did you stay there. He says there was a lake. She says I used to live there. She says that hotel was close to my house. They have an eyelock. He says you were close to me. Raghu says if you met me there, we would have not fought here. Antara says whatever happens is because of a reason. She says I believe whatever happens is for the good. She looks at Raghu and he smiles seeing her. He eats the kheer. The next morning, Aman wakes up in Raghu’s house. MachMach comes and asks how are you feeling now. Aman says better, who are you. MachMch introduces him. Aman says I m Aman and thanks for bringing me here. MachMach asks him to have idli. Aman says I have to go. MachMach asks where. Aman says I have some work. He says thanks for saving my life. MachMach says don’t thank me, thank Bhai. Aman asks who bhai. MachMach says how can I say, meet me as he will be coming here.

Raghu is seeing the mall plan. Antara comes and says what are you doing. Raghu says this is the blueprint of the mall. He says I will try to make the park. Antara says you can merge the shopping mall and the park. She says we can plant trees in the vacant area and make it a park. They discuss the plan. Raghu agrees with her. Raghu stares at Antara. She gives him good suggestions. Raghu says yes its right. Antara says I will plant the trees if you say. Raghu says no, we will do it. She says whats wrong in this, you can make a mall and also a park. She asks him to go to Daya Maai and tell her this plan. Raghu says your plan is good. She says go and show her the plan, shall I come with you. Raghu says I will show her.

Raghu says why are you doing this. Why are you doing this for other’s kids. Antara says my dad says we have to live life for others also. She asks Raghu to try this. Raghu smiles. Antara comes to Raghu’s house and wishes him all the best for explaining Maai the plan. Daya Maai sees Raghu and Antara together. Antara wishes her good morning. Daya Maai gives her the prasad. Raghu explains the plan to Daya Maai. She says do you want to change my plan. He says no, the kids can play and their parents can do the shopping. He says Antara told him. Daya Maai asks is this Antara’s plan. Raghu says yes, she thought and I liked it, so I thought to tell you. Daya Maai thinks Raghu is being courageous because of Antara. She says Raghu has to pay for this.

Daya Maai and Raghu talk about the mall plan.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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