Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu and Antara in the Mandir. The sindoor falls on Antara’s face. She looks at Raghu. Raghu gives the the puja thaali. He says you won’t say thanks under any circumstances. He says I have saved you thaali. He says leave it, I don’t know to say sorry, and you know to say thank you. They have an eyelock. He says we have to go to the hospital. She says the appointment is in afternoon. He says its Mumbai, what did I say, the Lord is Bappa, so hurry up. Antara asks him did you take the appointment, is it confirmed? He says yes, hurry up, I don’t have time. Antara goes to do the puja. She says how could you make Raghu. LOL!! The pandit says Sindoor looks good in Maang not on nose. Antara cleans her nose. She talks with the Lord, saying you can make my mum fine,

I’m taking her to the hospital,,take care of my dad too, he is with you.

Raghu is waiting for Antara. Raghu says today itslef I should get the appointment. Antara comes out with her mum. She asks Noor Apaa to take care of Mami. She gives some instructions. Raghu asks for Govind. She says he went out, I will take care of everything. She asks the appointment time, Raghu does not say anything. Raghu looks at Antara and they start going to the hospital. Raghu stops the jeep midway as its raining heavily. Antara’s mum is about to fall but Raghu holds her. Music plays as Antara and Raghu have an eyelock. He takes them under shade. Antara thanks him. Something falls from Raghu’s pocket.

Antara’s mum asks Raghu whats is his name. Raghu says his name. She says its after the name of a king Raghunvansh. MachMach says Raghu’s real name is Raghunath, but everyone call him Raghu bhai. She says fear has to be created, respect has to be earned, and love is like soul, unexplained, it happens. Raghu asks MachMach to take them to the doctor as he has some work. Raghu is shown talking to a doctor, and a woman talking to Raghu, covering herself. She says Chintu I heard everything. The doctor asks Raghu to explain her that she cannot keep the fast, else we will have to pass saline. She asks Raghu to take her home. Raghu says Aaji you are not going anywhere. She talks to Raghu. He says don’t call me Chintu infront of everyone. She says why not, I will call you that only.

She says I won’t listen to you. Raghu rests in her lap. She says why are you becoming thin, Raghu jokes. She says when I come home, I will make wada pau for you. He says you don’t take care of yourself, don’t keep fast and recover fast, else Daya Maai will come and blame me for not taking care of you. She says I’m your Daya Maai’s mum, I have kept the fast. He says ok, you won’t listen to me, I have some work, I will come soon. She says bring wada pau for me, I will have it at night and don’t tell the doctor. Raghu leaves from there.

Antara is sitting with her mum. She does not get the appointment. MachMach argues with someone. Antara says let him go first, we will go according to out appointment, MachMach leaves the man. He asks him to sit and goes. Antara thinks where Raghu has gone. MachMach talks to the receptionist and asks for appointment. She tells him the rules. He tells her about Raghu and argues with her. She says we cannot help you. Antara goes to look for Raghu and MachMach. Antara sees MachMach talking with the receptionist. MachMach tells her to bring her mum. Raghu is calling MachMach. The receptionist calls security and they ask MachMach to leave from the hospital. Raghu is coming to them. Antara and her mum too come there. MachMach says we need a doctor for aunty. Antara says we have appointment. the security asks them to go out. Raghu asks whats happening. MachMach says I don’t have the appointment, what to do. Antara gets shocked and looks at Raghu. Raghu asks for the doctor. Antara says the doctor is inside, and only they can meet who took the appointment. She asks him do we have the appointment. Raghu says no. The Episode ends on Antara’s shocked face.

Raghu says he does not care about her values. You should be thankful to me, that your mum has been attended, and her medical will start soon. Its all because of me. Antara looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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