Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manohar aiming his gun at Satya. Satya is angry knowing his truth. Manohar says tell me your last wish. Manohar says say my hi to your Maai after dying. Satya fools Manohar and throws his gun. They get into a fight. Satya catches him but Manohar bites him and picks up the gun. Manjari brings a knife to save Satya. She stabs Manoar. Satya is shocked. She cries and Manohar falls. She asks are you fine to Satya. He says yes. She says come with me. He says sit here, I will bring medicines for you. Satya stops her and says you, are you fine, are you hurt.

She cries. He says no Manjari, I m sorry, forgive me, I have done wrong with you, I m very sorry, don’t cry. Vedika is with Vidhaan. He blindfolded her. Satya says Manjari I promise I will never hurt you. She says forget everything. Satya says how. I have hurt you a lot, and even Maai. He says everyone went far from me. Maai also left me whom I did not gave respect and love. I taunted her and fought with her always, she really went far from me today. I m not happy, why I m not happy. Manjari says take care, I will bring water.

Satya says don’t leave me, I am all alone. She says I will be here, with you. He says why did you not let me die, if Kaka killed me, you would have become free from me. She says I did not wish that, I want to be with you. He says what did I give you, only hatred, why. She says I love you, so much. Satya cries with her and promises he will never hurt her and will do anything for her. He says don’t leave me alone and don’t worry about Kaka, I will take care of him, you stay with me always. He hugs her. Manohar wakes up and opens his eyes.

He brings a knife and walks towards Satya. Manjari is shocked to see him and comes in between. Satya shouts Manjari. Satya stabs Kaka again. Satya says no Manjari, you can’t leave me and go, I will be all alone. Manjari says I…… and closes her eyes. Satya cries. Satya says Vedika……… my daughter and runs to see her. Vidhaan tells Vedika no one should know and gives her a surprise by decorating the room. She likes it and says its beautiful, do you love me so much. He hugs her. He says I love you so much as the fate has this written and no one can change it. She asks him to play something for her.

They get closer and he makes her fall in love with him. Music plays………….. They have an eyelock as he touches her. She smiles and pushes him. He holds her close and they have a romantic moment. He kisses her forehead. He asks do you love me. Do you trust me. She says can’t you read that in my eyes. They spend the night together.

Satya is looking out for Vedika and is tensed not finding her anywhere. He calls her and says please pick up my phone. He is shocked and says no……. Vedika………… Its morning, Vedika and Vidhaan are together. Vidhaan wakes up and opens the window. He thinks about Vedika. He thinks about Geeta’s words.

Vidhaan sees Vedika sleeping and goes to check the door as someone knocked. Geeta comes and asks where is Vedika, I want to meet her. He says she is sleeping. He stops her and she sees lipstick marks on his shirt.

Geeta taunta Satya. Satya aims his gun at her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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