Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu teasing Antara saying maybe some stupid man plays that music. Antara praises the man who plays the mouth organ. He says maybe any ghost. He jokes and asks her to smile. Antara smiles. Raghu says you get annoyed very soon. She says good night and leaves. She comes and says I like when you make me smile. Raghu plays the mouth organ. Antara hears it and smiles.

The next morning, Rasika comes to Aaji. Rasika sees Aaji meditating and goes to see Daya Maai. Daya Maai is doing puja. She plans of pleasing Daya Maai. She thinks Antara would be coming now and Daya Maai will be after her then. Rasika sees Raghu doing exercise and smiles. She calls the servants and ask them to clean the hall again. She says I have cleaned Daya Maai’s sofa, so don’t

touch it. She plans of getting Antara caught in any odd situation. Antara comes smiling. Rasika sees her and hides. Antara greets her.

Rasika asks Antara not to disturb Aaji and sit here in the hall. Antara says there is nothing here to sit. Rasika stops her from going and says sit here seeing something. Antara sees Daya Maai’s sofa and goes and sits on it. Rasika smiles. Rasika waits for Daya Maai so that she can see her reaction. Daya Maai is coming and she sees Antara sitting on her sofa. Rasika smiles.

Daya Maai sees Antara and does not say anything. Rasika thinks why is she not reacting and comes to add fuel in the fire. She says omg, is Antara mad, to sit on Daya Maai’s place on the sofa. Antara is tensed and gets up. She says there was no place so I sat here. Rasika says no one sat on this except Daya Maai. Rasika says sorry to Daya Maai and says I will clean it with Ganga jal. Rasika asks Antara to apologize to Daya Maai. Aaji and Raghu come. Raghu asks Rasika why she is shouting. Rasika says you would have slapped Antara, she was sitting on Daya Maai’s sofa. Raghu comes to Antara and asks did you sit here. Antara says yes. He says say sorry to Daya Maai. Antara says there was no other place to sit.

Raghu says say sorry now. Aaji takes Antara’s side. Rasika speaks against Antara. Raghu says apologize to Daya Maai. Antara looks at Raghu and goes to Daya Maai. She says sorry, I did not know this is your place. She says I m sorry for yesterday too. I did not want to do that but my mum fears the high noise, so…. Daya Maai asks Raghu to go and pay condolence to someone. Raghu looks at Antara and leaves. Manohar says Antara spolied Maai’s mood. Daya Maai asks them to leave.

Daya Maai calls Antara and talks to her. She gives her prasad. Aaji smiles. Daya Maai says you don’t look from here. She says speak less and leaves. Aaji says she is like this only. Aaji takes Antara with her. Rasika and Manohar smile seeing them.

Daya Maai comes to her room and reads the newspaper. Rasika and Manohar come to her. Rasika tries to impress her. Manohar says he brought prasad for her. Rasika lies to her. Manohar speaks against Raghu and Antara. Rasika also adds some lines. Manohar says Raghu is not doing good work. They tell Daya Maai many things about Raghu and Antara to make her angry. Daya Maai thinks Antara is special for Raghu.

Daya Maai asks Antara not to change anyone in her house.

Update Credit to: H_Haasan

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