Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara asking Raghu did he meet her dad. Raghu thinks and says yes. She says say loudly, I did not hear. Raghu says yes, I did it. Everyone are shocked. Antara says when you saw my dad’s photo, why did you not tell me that you know him. She argues with him and asks him did you keep the box which had the bomb and killed my dad. Raghu says its not like what you are thinking. She says speak the truth. He says yes, it was me. Maai smiles. Everyone are shocked. Raghu says but… Antara says so you want me to marry my dad’s killer. She gets angry on him and shouts on him. She says look in my eyes, there is no excitement for the marriage, I will not marry you.

Satya is happy. Noor brings Antara’s mum to their house. Antara’s mum asks are you hiding anything, Noor says no, I came to give you medicines. Mama also comes and Antara’s mum asks whats going on. Mama says I don’t know, everything will be fine. She gets tensed and says I want to be with Antara. She asks Mama to call her husband. She asks them to take her to Antara. She faints and Noor asks Mama to take her to hospital. Mama says I will bring her file. Noor gets worried.

Raghu tries to explain Antara but she does not listen to him. She says I loved you and you ruined my family. Raghu says I promised that we will not leave each other, then… won’t you listen to me. She sats there was one more promise about trust, and you broke it. She says you have ruined my life, you are a devil. Raghu says I love you from my heart, give me a chance. Antara slaps him. Everyone are shocked. She says chance… you deserve punishment. She cries and says this fire will witness my dad’s death whom you killed. Maai looks on. Antara says sorry to her dad that she made a mistake not realizing his killer. She takes a pot and walks around the fire. Some mantras play. She throws the pot. Maai and Satya smile.

She turns and looks at Raghu and says now I have killed every relation forever. Raghu cries. Antara leaves from the mandap while Raghu looks on. Noor stops Antara but she does not listen. Raghu thinks about Antara’s words and cries. Antara comes out of Maai’s house and thinks about Raghu’s words. Satya stops her and she slaps him thinking its Raghu. He says its fine, if anyone wants to rectify his mistake, are you fine. She says what do you want, you won, I did not marry Raghu, go and celebrate now. He says I understand. She scolds him and says I don’t need anyone’s help. Antara walks away. Ruksana goes after her.

Satya smiles. MachMach is with Raghu. Rasika apologizes to everyone for whatever happened. Maai looks at Raghu and smiles. The guests starts leaving. MachMach asks Raghu what did Antara say, he says you can’t kill anyone. Raghu says I killed her dad. MachMach says I can’t believe this, I know you since childhood, I know. He says when Antara becomes calm, she will think this. Raghu says no, everything finished. Rasika says Antara has ruined everything and asks Raghu not to worry as we all are there for you, we will find a better girl for you. Maai asks everyone to go and she is with Raghu.

Maai asks MachMach to go. He leaves. Maa pacifies Raghu. Raghu says Maai, how did this happen, I told you but….

Antara comes home and asks Noor where is her mum. Noor says she is in hospital. Anytara says what happened to her, is she fine. Noor says she got unwell, don’t know how she came to know that you are in any trouble. Noor says if she knows all this and the truth about your dad, she won’t be able to bear all this. Noor asks who told you this. Antara says when Raghu told me, I believes him. Noor says you would have heard Raghu once. Antara says no, he took away my dad from me. I loved him and gave away myself to him but ….. She looks at her dad’s photo and cries.

Ruksana comes and hears Antara talking with Noor. Ruksana says Raghu accepted this, no I can’t believe this, is it true or is there something else. Maai talks to Raghu and says I don’t understand anything. She says everything will be fine. Raghu says I loved her a lot and she left me.

Raghu cries and I should have told the truth to her myself. He says she would have understood me if I told her but I got afraid thinking I may lose her. He asks Maai who might have told her as I told this truth only to you. Maai gets tensed. He says it was not my mistake, I was fooled by someone. Satya says you killed her dad and see Maai you fav son, this is his truth. Satya calls Raghu a murderer.

Satya calls Raghu to come out and see him. Raghu comes in a drunken state.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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