Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aaji and Rasika hiding from Raghu. He asks for the ball which Ishaan threw. Raghu says throw the ball. Antara is spell bound. Raghu calls her and says give the ball fast. Raghu says why are you not moving, I will come and take the ball. Antara says wait, I will give the ball. Aaji asks Rasika to start the tap as Ghungroo’s sound will not come. Raghu says Antara you are acting as if you are wearing Ghungroos. Antara picks up the ball and throws. Raghu says what are you doing at the terrace. She says I came her to take fresh air. He says go and take care of Aaji. He asks her to close the tap. Raghu leaves. Aaji and Rasika get up and asks Antara not to fear. Aaji asks her to start dancing.

Mami and Noor are talking about Arshad. Mami asks her why she went

till the door to adieu Arshad. Raghu comes and tells them that Ishaan is ready to take the tuition, but he won’t go alone. Raghu says send Noor. Mami agrees and jokes with her. Mami asks about the fees. Raghu says I will take care. Mami says we will pay the fees. Raghu says yes I know. Mami says I will ask Noor to ask Arshas about the fees. Raghu leaves. Antara says I cannot dance, I can’t. Aaji says don’t worry about Raghu. Antara throws the ghungroo. Aaji is shocked. Antara apologizes to her. Rasika says disgusting Antara. Aaji sends Rasika out. Rasika says how can Antara talk to you like this. Antara says its my mistake, I did not want to hurt you, if Raghu comes to know about this, he will be annoyed.

If you keep teaching me, your health will be affected. Aaji cries and says you don’t apologize, I should be sorry, I m angry on myself. It was my dream, but I could not fulfill it. I wanted to teach you kathak and make my dream come true. Aaji says I wanted to live my past again. You gave me medicines but I did not take it. I threw the medicines out of the window, as I was very happy today that I did not need those medicines. I got a new reason for living the life. But you are different, how can I ask you to live my dream. I know this job is necessary for you, and Raghu will not understand. Antara takes the ghungroos back from Aaji and says she will learn Kathak. Aaji gets happy. Antara says I did not know about your dream, I will learn Kathak and fulfill your dream. Aaji smiles.

Antara says don’t throw the medicines again. Antara says can I keep these ghungroos with me as I can practice at home. Antara says I will go home and keep this. Raghu comes there and the ghungroo falls near his feet. Antara and Aaji are shocked. Raghu looks at the ghungroo. He picks up the ghungroos. Aaji makes the excuses. Raghu says I was just asking. Aaji says I will decide what will happen in this house. Aaji sends Antara but Raghu stops her saying come on time tomorrow. Aaji says she don’t come late. He says tomorrow we have to take Aaji to doctor. Antara says yes and leaves. Raghu looks at her. Aaji calls Raghu Chintu. He says don’t call me Chintu and leaves.

Antara comes home and smiles. Mami says its good that you are smiling, you look good. Antara tells her about Aaji. Noor says talk to Antara about Ishaan’s tuition as her mood is good. Mami tries to talk to her. Antara plans for her mum and Ishaan. Mami says you work outside, we were thinking to start tuition for Ishaan. Antara says what, no need, I can’t bear the fees. Mami says I will pay it. Antara says you won’t do. Antara says I will teach Ishaan myself. Noor says if Antara knows that Raghu brought Arshad then she will be annoyed. Antara asks about some hall. Mami says no one uses the hall but why are you asking. Antara says just like that.

Raghu is doing his exercises with MachMach. He says Antara is good at work. He says Antara said sorry to me that day. MachMach asks Raghu are you still annoyed with me, you can slap me but don’t be angry with me, I feel bad and burdened. Raghu says are you mad, I have the right to scold you. MachMach becomes happy and says what can you do.

Antara asks Ishaan to sleep. MachMach and Raghu are on the terrace. MachMach asks Raghi to have a drink with him. Raghu says no. MachMach says I will take care. Antara thinks of practicing dance in the nearby hall as Raghu might have slept, he would not know this. Raghu hears the ghungroo’s sounds and looks around.

Antara is dancing and Raghu comes there drunk.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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