Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani trying to get down from the terrace via pipe. Neighours see her and shout that she will fall. Shivani says she is locked inside. Neighbour says she has key of her house and asks Shivani to come down. Shivani gets happy and says she will come down.

Raghu is driving tempo and says Sumitra she would not have allowed babyji backside as she is not used to sunlight. Sumitra says other family members are sitting backside and will take care of her. She asks water and Raghu gives water bottle. He stops vehile and goes out saying he will get water for everyone. Sumitra thinks why did she ask water, they will come to know that Shivani is not with them and thinks what should she do now.

Neighbour opens the lock. Shivani thanks her and says everyone has gone for picnic. Neighbour asks where have they gone. She says resort name. Neighbour gives her money and asks her to go. Shivani thanks her and goes.

Raghu gets cold water for everyone. Sumitra asks to give it to her. Raghu says he himself will give. He goes and does not find Shivani. He asks his family where is Shivani. They says they thought she is with you. Raghu asks Sumitra where is Shivani. Bela scolds Sumitra for lying. Sumitra says she thought she is sitting backside and asks where is babyji then. Bela says it is her mistake and they left Shivani because of her. Sumitra asks sorry for that. Raghu calls Shivani, but her phone is switched off. He calls landline and it is also not reachable. Baburam says they came half way and should have checked before leaving. Bela says they should go back and pick babyji. Maya says babyji will come directly and we should leave now. Raghu says he will not go without babyji and says he will get babyji from home. Latha also asks Raghu to bring babyji. Raghu gets an auto and goes home. He asks neighbour if she saw babyji. She says why did he lock babyji and go and says she somehow saw her, unlocked the door and gave her money to go. Raghu comes out and sees Shivani getting in an auto. He runs behind auto and calls babyji. Shivani hears him and stops the auto. She hugs him and cries. He says he came to take her. She asks why did he leave her. He says he did not do it and promises.

Family is enjoying picnic. Bela sees Sumitra tensed. Maya asks Sumitra if she locked babyji. Sumitra says she is fighting to get back her husband. Baburam asks till when they should wait here and says we should leave now and they will come directly. Latha asks him to wait for some time. Vivek says Baburam is right, we should leave now. Bela thinks it is good idea to leave Raghu and Shivani alone and give some privacy. She says she will call Raghu and check. Sumitra says Latha is right, we should wait. Bela calls Raghu who says they will reach in 5 minutes. She starts acting and says Baburam is telling right, we will leave now and asks him to come later. She says baburam that Raghu is telling same, we should leave now, they will come later. She thinks she knows how Sumitra is feeling, whatever she tries, she cannot separate Raghu and Shivani.

Raghu and Shivani walk on the road. He says dunno what happened to Bela, she told us to come later and they all will go. Raghu says let us go by bus then. He says let us go by taxi. He stops taxi, but Shivani is busy taking lift. She gets lift from a grass-loaded truck. Raghu says he will not go by truck as it is very dusty and sunny outside. Shivani says she wants to go by truck and says he is afraid of dusty and sun. Shivani asks truck driver to stop and asks Raghu if he cannot do at least that for him as she is exited to go by truck. Raghu agrees and they get into the truck. Do dil bandhe ek dori see… music plays in the background.

Truck is already loaded with some college group. They dance on Dil kabhi….. Dil ko nahi pata hai…. song. Shivani and Raghu also join them. Shivani is about to fall. Raghu holds her and they fall on the grass. Do dil bandhe…. song plays in the background. Shivani gets dust in her eyes. Raghu blows dust. Shivani again falls on the grass and pulls Raghu.

Precap: Raghu asks Sumitra why is she not enjoying picnic. She says she arranged picnic for everyone and she will watch them. Nishi calls Raghu to join her and he goes.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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