Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Baburaam comes to Sumitra’s house with the police and tells the police that they had stolen his daughter in law’s 50 lakhs worth of jewellery. Sumitra tells Baburaam that her mother can’t steal anything. baburaam tells her that her mom has stolen the jewellery. Sumitra tells Baburaam that Shivani is the gold mine for him and he is greedy after money. Inspector asks them to stop fighting and says they will do their work. He asks his men to search the entire house. Gini comes and tells everyone that police came to Sumitra’s house. She tells that Shivani’s jewellery is with sumitra’s mom and she saw with her own eyes. Maya says she knew that it is outsider’s hand. Everyone goes to Sumitra’s house. Shivani overhears the neighbours talking about Sumitra’s mom hand in stealing the jewellery. Bella and Maya tells that Sumitra’s mom did a bad thing by stealing babyji’s jewellery.

Shivani thinks her jewellery in Sumitra’s house. As the Inspector is proceeding towards the jewellery, Sumitra’s mom gets tensed and throws the photo frame on the ground. She blames the police for not respecting her elders. Shivani prays that she gets the jewellery. Sumitra mom throws the jewellery in the trash outside her house. Shivani doesn’t see anything. Sumitra mom tells the police to go if they are done with the searching. Baburaam says that his information is concrete. The garbage collector comes and takes all the garbage and also the garbage containing the jewellery. Inspector tells Baburaam that his information is not true. Baburaam says it is truth and asks Sumitra’s mom to tell the truth. Sumitra tells Raghu that he is standing quietly and seeing her mother getting insulted. Raghu asks Baburaam to come. Baburaam says he knows these people true nature and says Gini saw with her eyes.

Baburaam says they might have hidden the jewellery somewhere. Raghu asks Baburaam to come. Baburaam says he will not leave them. Shivani is sad. Sumitra tells her mom to come inside home. She tells her mom not to get tensed when she didn’t do anything wrong. Baburaam tells Gini that where is the jewellery? Gini says she saw the jewellery. Vivek too scolds her. Gini says she saw it and she is saying the truth. Raghu supports Gini. Maya says then where it went? Baburaam says he got insulted infront of the basti people. He says basti people will tagged him as a mad man. Raghu apologizes and says he did say in anger. Baburaam melts down and forgives him. Baburaam thinks his luck is bad. Shivani wonders what if her jewellery is not found. Sumitra thinks Raghu and his family have crossed all the limits. She tells that he didn’t see her second avatar and takes an oath that she will ruin his happiness. Maya, Vivek, Bella and Baburaam gets tensed as they didn’t get the jewellery. Baburaam suspects sumitra’s father. Raghu leaves. Sumitra mom looks down the balcony to find the jewellery gone with the trash. She panics and cries. She thinks that the trash collector has taken the jewellery.

Trash collector sees the jewellery and runs after hearing the police alarm. Shivani gets tensed and recalls her Daaju gifting her bracelet and the jewellery. She cries and asks,why you left me alone and went? Raghu comes and sees her crying. He calls her and says that he knows she is tensed and wonders where is the jewellery? Shivani says she don’t want to talk about the jewellery and says she is going from this house. Raghu asks how? Shivani says she can take care of herself and asks him to leave her alone. She closes the door on Raghu’s face.

Mahima comes to Raghu’s home with the pleasantries. While on the way someone throws the trash, she asks him to do carefully.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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