Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jaswant playing cards with friends. Mahima is sitting there too. Jaswant tells them that Mahima sent Shivani to her friend’s place, so they can play cards. Mahima is smiling. A man says that he likes to come here. A girl asks can we do such party again? Mahima says definitely. Why not? And then Raghu comes. He sees how they are playing cards and drinking beer. He is shocked.
In Raghu’s house. The family are eating food. Baburaam is happy that Raghu went to Haveli. He says to Latha that she did a great job. Vivek says what if Raghu gives the property to Shivani what will happen then? Baburaam gets angry and throws a cloth to him. And then Abhimanyu comes. He has a bear on his hand. Everyone get shocked to see him here. He says

that he was here, so he wanted to give a bear to Nishi. Nishi gets happy to see the bear. She takes it and goes. Abhimanyu asks where is Shivani? Latha says that Babyji is not living here anymore. She went to Haveli again. Abhimanyu gets shocked and sad. He asks but why?? And then Maya stands up and tells that Shivani and Raghu had a fight, so Shivani got angry and left the house and went to Haveli. Raghu too has left the house and went to Haveli for living with her. Abhimanyu gets shocked. And then Abhimanyu goes.
In the next scene. Jaswant asks the day was nice right? Mahima says yes. Lets plan another party. Jaswant says sure. And then they see some people taking their furniture out of their room. They are confused and ask the people but they don’t give answer. They go in and see Raghu there. They ask why he is putting all the furniture out of the room ? Raghu asks people to go out of the room coz he wants to talk alone with Mahima and Jaswant. Jaswant asks what is this ? Mahima says how dare you ? You can’t take out all the furniture out of our room. Raghu says your room ? This is not your room! This is Maliksaa’s room! Mahima and Jaswant get shocked. Raghu goes to the couch and says because you are not deserving to be here so from today I will live here. He sits on the couch. Mahima and Jaswant are shocked. So you guys can shift to the guest room. Jaswant says are you ok? Do you know what you are saying ? We have asked you to come here but that doesn’t mean that you can be the malik here. Raghu says you didn’t ask me to come here. I gave you the rights to live here. Do you remember? This haveli is mine! So I can live where I want to live! Both are shocked. Mahima sits on the bed and asks how do you want me to go out of this room?? I won’t leave the room. Raghu stands up and says you have time. Raghu lights the fire and goes to Mahima and Jaswants bags and says you have now time to go, if you won’t go then I will fire your bags. And then Aunty comes. She says Shivani coming then she says that Raghu is right. She makes signs to Mahima and Jaswant that Shivani is coming. Mahima and Jaswant take their bags and going out of the room.
Shivani comes and sees Mahima and Jaswant coming with bags and looking sad. She asks what happened? Mahima says that Raghu said that they should leave the room. Shivani gets shocked and angry. They go. Shivani goes to Raghu. She is crying. She says what are doing now?? Don’t forget that you are a noccer! Raghu gets shocked and says I know. I know everything babyji. Shivani asks Raghu to say to Mahima and Jaswant that they can stay here. Raghu says I’m sorry but this time I can’t.! Shivani is upset and goes. The sad background tune is playing.
At night. Raghu wants to sleep on the floor and then Panna Tai comes and asks why are you sleeping on the floor? Raghu says that he doesn’t have the rights to sleep on Daaju’s bed. Panna Tai says I’m glad that you came here. She puts milk on the table and goes. Raghu wants to sleep but then Latha calls him. She asks how are you? Raghu asks are you crying? Latha says that she is not accustomed that Raghu left the house. The house is so empty without Raghu. Raghu says I’m fine. And then they hang up.

In the morning. Everyone having breakfast. Jaswant comes and says Good Morning. He wants to sit on Daaju’s chair. Raghu stops him and says you can’t sit on this chair. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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