Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani telling Raghu about her decision that she won’t stay here any longer. Raghu is shocked asks where will you go. Shivani says she didn’t know where to go as she is not having any option after Parimal uncle left her. Raghu says if you go to any hotel, then you need money but we don’t have any money. Shivani thinks for a while and says she will sell her wedding jewellery and raise the money. Raghu says how can you sell the jewellery given by Daaju’s. Shivani says she didn’t have any option and asks Raghu to get the jewellery. Raghu says this is not the solution. Shivani tells him to let her solve her problems. Raghu says ok, I will get your jewellery. He asks Lata about Shivani’s bag. Lata recalls but couldn’t remember. She calls Bella and asks her whether she kept Shivani’s bag anywhere. Bella asks her to asks Gini or Maya.

Maya and Gini says they didn’t know anything about the bag. Raghu is shocked and asks, then where it is? Maya says it is surprising. Bella recalls that the bag was outside when she saw the last time. Raghu says that it was precious. Shivani comes and asks what they are talking about? Gini tells her about her bag. Shivani is shocked and asks, where it is? Lata tells her that they will find it and asks Maya, Gini and Bella to search. They starts the search. Vivek comes and asks, what they are searching. Lata tells him that they are searching Shivani’s bag. Vivek thinks something and asks Maya about the necklace which she wore the other day. Maya says that it was fake. Raghu overhears them and asks about the necklace. Vivek tells him that Maya have the lookalike necklace of Shivani. Raghu asks Maya to get that necklace and he wants to see it. Maya gives the necklace to Raghu. Raghu looks tensed. Maya asks Shivani whether it is your necklace. Shivani says no,it is not mine, it is artificial. Maya cries and says you accused me as if I steal the necklace.

Maya says I am not a thief. Lata consoles her and asks her not to cry. She says Raghu didn’t mean it. Lata says we will search for the bag together. Shivani is tensed. Vivek goes after Maya. Shivani looks at Raghu who is equally tensed. Abhi is talking with the servant and he gives the info about Jazz and Mahima. Panna tai asks him, with whom he was talking. He makes an excuse and asks, whether she thinks that Bade Maliksaa gave everything to chote maliksaa. Panna tai asks him to do the work and not to think anything. She thinks to keep an eye on him.

Everyone searches for the bag in the house. While searching for the bag, Raghu gets Daaju’s original will but he didn’t see it and keeps it back in the envelope. Raghu is tensed. Sumitra is thinking about Raghu’s words. Her mom asks her to eat something. Sumitra says she didn’t want to eat. Her mom says you did right by insulting her. She is wrong in saying that she is not his wife by applying sindoor and wearing mangulsutra. She asks her to eat the food and asks her to agree for the marriage proposal.

Bella tells Lata that the bag couldn’t be found anywhere in the house. Maya says may be someone from outside had stolen it. Raghu says how can anyone come from outside and steal it. Maya says how can you think we steal it. Vivek too says the same. Baburaam gets the teddy bear and clothes for Shivani. Raghu looks at him. He asks, from where you got the money? Baburaam asks him to say straight. Raghu tells him that babyji’s bag couldn’t be found. Baburaam gets angry and asks, will you search my room? Baburaam gives his almara keys and asks him to search there as well. Raghu takes the keys.

Raghu is searching in Baburaam’s almara. Baburaam comes. Raghu sees the notes bundle and is shocked. Lata and Shivani comes and are shocked too

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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