Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with goons manhandling Shivani and Latha beating goons with stick. Latha asks goon not to touch Shivani. They both beat goons with stick and broom. Goon snatches stick from Latha. Just then, Bela comes with her neighbor women. All women beat the goons till they apologize. Shivani says not to think woman weak. Police arrests goons.

Raghu comes with alliance to a guy’s house. Guy’s parents say his son is America return. Guy comes and Raghu sees him having big hair with nail polish on his nails. Raghu does not like him.

Bela asks Latha if she is alright. Latha says she is fine. Bela asks why did she save babyji. Latha says she saved babyji due to humanity. Bela says she is just like Raghu who always saves Shivani. She says she saved her babu and her house’s dignity.

Raghu comes to office. His boss asks him to rush to the factory as machine has gone wrong. Raghu goes and sees engineer working on it and says some wire is loose. Raghu sees loose wire and saves engineer from electrocution. Raghu starts the machines and asks workers to go back and work. Raghu’s boss asks the engineer why is he working here and introduces him as new CEO of their company. Raghu asks sorry to him and says he did not know. CEO thanks Raghu for saving him and says work should be done on it, no work is big or small. He says workers goodbye and goes from there.

Sumitra says Shivani she would not have fought with goon, if something would have happened to her, the whole house would have been blamed. Shivani says she cannot tolerate somebody torturing her. Sumitra says she should do it at her haveli and says if something would have happened to Latha. Latha comes and says Shivani did right and woman is not weak. Latha says Shivani she would have gone to police or asked someone’s help and says if something would have happened, what she would have told to Raghu. Shivani says goons attacked suddenly and she did not have time. Sumitra says she will bring hot water for Latha. Latha asks to bring water for Shivani also. Sumitra angrily goes to bring water.

CEO is speaking to his mother and says he does not want to marry so early. Raghu comes to his office and gives file. CEO asks Raghu if he is married. RAghu does not say anything. CEO says Raghu is confused, marriage is like that. He says man marries to be happy with his life partner. He says ups and downs are part of life, but if you have a wife seeing whom you can forget all your problems and tension, then one can marry. He says his mom wants him to marry a rich woman. He says relationship, friendship, family is the big wealth. Raghu says he understands howmuch pressure he is having. CEO then asks Raghu sorry for telling his story.

Sumitra brings hot water for Shivani and says she hopes Shivani gets burnt again. Shivani thinks with whatever happened today, it looks like Latha has forgiven her and will accept her soon. She will be accepted as bahu soon.

Maya and Latha dry papads on terrace. Sumitra comes with nimbu pani and says Latha and says she works hard. She says she is planning for 1 day trip tomorrow for everyone. Maya says she likes picnic and asks about the venue. Sumitra says it is a resort. Sumitra says she has also invited Bela and her family. Latha gets happy. Sumitra thinks picnic will change shivani’s life and she will leave the house.

Shivani gives gifts for everyone. Raghu asks how did she get money. Shivani says she had some money. He says she did not bring her purse, then how.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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