Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani tearing divorce papers. Sumitra gets angry and asks what did she do. Shivani says she will not divorce Raghu. She says the whole world knows that if a wife does not want divorce, any law cannot separate her from her husband. Sumitra says divorce was necessary for everyone of us. Shivani says she knows who needs this divorce more. She goes to Raghu and says she will not leave him alone, she is his wife and will be forever. Nobody can separate her and Raghu in his life, cannot break her mangalsutra and wipe her sindoor. Sumitra angrily goes from there.

Jazz is drinking alcohol. He says he is very bad man, he tried to destroy his own sister. Shivani loves her a lot and revolves around her saying bhaiya bhaiya. He thinks he will earn money himself and get everything alright. He asks bar manager if he has any work for him. Manager says he does not have any work for him and pushes him out.

Roopesh checks food and does not like it. Bela asks how is the food. He says it is very good, but thinks it is worst than jail food. Sumitra asks him to go and give food to Nishi as she did not take her lunchbox.

Shivani calls Bela and asks if Raghu loves him. Bela says he loves her a lot and asks why is she asking this. Shivani says Sumitra called lawyer and asked Raghu to take signature from her, but she tore the papers. Bela says she did right thing and says Raghu loves her a lot but is under the influence of Sumitra. Raghu comes and calls Shivani. Shivani says Bela she will call her later and cuts the call. Raghu asks what does she want, why did she tear the papers, their marraige was just an agreement. Shivani says their marriage was not an agreement, but love. She asks what is it if it is not love. Raghu says it is not love, he takes care of her as it is his duty. He is her servant, so he does that. Shivani says servants take care of only goods, not emotions. She asks why does he take care of her needs, her emotions, her sorrows, etc. It is responsibility of a husband that he is following. Raghu says it is not true. Shivani asks him to keep his hand on his heart and tell that he wants her to go out from there. She asks to see in her eyes and say he does not love her, she will leave from there and won’t show her face again.

Raghu says he told whatever he wanted to say, now he will go from there. Shivani stops him and asks him to return her mangalsutra. He says he won’t give it back, he does not like her wearing mangalsutra and sindhoor of his name, she is not his wife. Shivani says they both are married and even he cannot take her right of being his hushand. Raghu says he will not give the mangalstura. Shivani keeps her hand on the flame.

Raghu runs towards her and asks her to remove her hand from the flame. She says she won’t until he gives back her mangalsutra. Raghu takes her hand from the flame and sees it burnt. Do dil bandhe… song plays in the background. He gives back her mangalsutra. Latha watches them and goes from there.

Mahima pours water on Jazz and wakes him up. Jazz says his head is paining and asks to switch on the AC. Mahima says they are under the fan now and if he does not start working, even the fan will go. Jazz says once his hangover is gone, he will search the job and goes back to sleep again.

Sumitra starts acting and calls someone to let her stay in her home. Raghu ask why does she want to leave the house. She says what can she do. She told her earlier that 2 wives cannot stay under same roof. She feels guilty. She says you can stay with babyji, but I cannot stay here like an outsider. Raghu says he is trying his best to explain babyji and he will succeed soon. Sumitra says she is tired now and does not want to trouble her again. She says if babyji’s ego is more than his happiness, then she will leave this house and goes from there crying loudly. Latha wathces all this. She comes to Raghu why is he ruining his life because of others. She says he is ruining both Sumitra and babyji’s life along with him.

Shivani gets to know that somebody is using her credit card. She calls pannatai and checks who is using her card. Pannatai says she Mahima had gone to her room. Raghu takes Shivani to meet Mahima in bus.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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