Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahima worrying as Shivani is getting ready to go to office and take care of the business. Jazz says, if she handle the office then she will get to know about our mishandlings at the office. Mahima asks Aunty to do something, provoke Shivani somehow. Jazz says, nothing can happen now. It is about her ego now. Shivani says, I said that I will go to office from tomorrow but what if I couldn’t handle the responsibilities. She says, what if Raghu and Bhaiyya’s opinion is right. She fears and says what if I lose Daaju’s business. She talks with Daaju’s photo and says, I needs your appreciation. Raghu hears it. Shivani asks Daaju to inbuild confidence in her. Raghu thinks you have to search confidence in yourself and I will help you in finding it. Raghu knocks on the door. Shivani gets angry. Raghu starts searching for her notes. He gives those papers to her. Shivani asks, why you are showing this to me. Raghu says, you was scared when you went to give exam and says you can’t handle the office. He instigates her not to go to office. Shivani looks on. Mahima thinks of a plan and says I will fall ill. Then we will stop her from going to office. Aunty asks her not to overact. She says, Shivani took the decision but not started going to office. She says, Shivani can’t handle the office. Raghu says, I have full faith that you can’t run the office. He asks her to give that work to him. He will handle office. Shivani says, if you remember my exam then you might be remembering my result. She says, I came on top. I will prove myself in this new exam as well. She declares that she will handle Daaju’s business alone. Raghu is happy for her but doesn’t show his happiness.

Shivani says, I still remember that when I couldn’t sleep during exams then you had given me strength. Gini is going to her college. Some goons follow her. They come in her way and tries to tease her. They say we know your name very well. Rupesh comes and beats the goons. Gini starts crying. Rupesh says, they will never tease you. Rupesh says, lets go home. Shivani takes Daaju’s blessings. Panna tai gives her curd and sugar. Shivani thanks her. Panna tai hopes for her success. Mahima says, today is your big day but don’t feel burden on yourself. If you can’t handle then come back home. Shivani says, I will never lose hope and have to move forward. Mahima thinks best of bad luck Shivani.

Rupesh comes home with Gini. Baburaam gets angry with the goons. Rupesh says, I beat all of them. Gini cries and tells Lata that she was very scared and jijaji saved her. Lata asks her not to go through that street. Maya says, nothing will happen if we change the street and says to be safe we have to change the house. Vivek says, Maya is right. Bella asks her not to worry Gini. Maya says, we live with uneducated people. Lata says, this incident never happened before. Maya says, shall we wait for the incident to happen. I know about these kinds of people. Bella says, I know whatever happened is wrong but that doesn’t mean we shall leave the house. Maya says, it won’t effect you as you will be leaving with Rupesh and we will end up living in this house. Baburaam says, I don’t want to live in this house but we can’t move on now. We will buy a house when Raghu gets a property on his name. Rupesh is happy and thanks the goons.

Raghu says sorry to the employees as he called them early. He says, today Shivani Ranaji will be coming to the office. She will handle the office from today. He asks them to welcome Shivani and support her. She asks the employees to help Shivani. They say we will do as you says. Raghu says, I want this office and her cabin to decorated well. He asks for the bouquet and flowers.

Shivani comes to the office and is welcomed by the employees. Shivani is happy. Raghu is happy as well. Shivani eyes him confidently.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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