Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Latha saying she did not believe Vivek would do such thing for money and asks sorry to Shivani. Shivani says not to tell that as Vivek is repenting because of her upbringing and says she is her mother-in-law and like mother to her, and mother should not ask sorry. Latha says Shivani that she helped the truth, so she is proud of her. She hugs Shivani. Sumitra sees them and gets angry.

Maya says Vivek that they got the money, but could not use it. Vivek says because of her love for money, he went to jail and even was punished by Raghu. Maya says he got caught because of CCTV camera, else they would have been crorepatis. Vivek asks her to shut up and says she should have been slapped instead of him and asks her to forget about money. She says she is okay with 10000 salary and will not complain her.

Shivani serves Raghu food. Raghu sees her tensed and asks why is she tensed. She says she still cannot forget when she and Baburam went to search him morgue, but now she is happy. Raghu asks sorry for getting into trouble because of him. She says it is okay and says she cannot live without him. Raghu asks her not to talk like that. Shivani says she is telling truth, he is her life. Karan comes there and greets Raghu. He says Raghu that he got worried for him. Raghu asks him to sit. Karan asks them both to sit. He says Raghu that he thought he would not have sent him to Ahmedabad, but his company’s profit increased because of him. He then says Shivani was worried in his absence and he is lucky to have her. He then asks Raghu to rest today and tries to go. Ginny comes there and gives Karan water. He asks Ginny why does she come with tray in front of him always. He drinks water and gives her water glass back. He thanks them and goes. Ginni sees Karan’s mobile on table and goes to give it back to him. Shivani asks Raghu to finish food. He says he is not hungry and goes from there.

Ginni returns Karan’s phone and says his phone is very nice as it is a smart phone and she has very bad phone. Karan says every phone’s main function is to make call. She says it must be having many games and functions. He shows her functions. Ginni just watches him speaking. He sees her watching her and ask what is she looking at. She says she is looking at him. Karan leaves in his car. Ginni thinks her heartbeat raises when she sees Karan and wants him as his future husband. Sumitra watches them and says Ginni is not worth sitting in auto, but is dreaming about car.

Raghu says Shivani that he does not love her and all her words does not matter to him. Shivani says he not accepting him is worst than dying for her, whatever he thinks, she loves him a lot and cannot live without him, she can die for him. Raghu asks her to stop and asks her to stay without her as their world’s are different and he is just part of his life. Shivani asks him not to tell that as he is the reason for his life. Raghu says he would have really died in that accident. Shivani asks him not to tell like that and asks how can he tell it to his wife. Raghu asks her to think about the reality, her relationship does not mean anything to him.

Shivani asks Raghu if her sindhoor does not matter to him, then why did he avoid Sumitra from wiping her Sindhoor. Ragbu says he cares for her. Shivani says we both are married and he cannot break their relationship. He says he will break it and gets hurt by mistake. Shivani gets worried. He says he would have alllowed Sumitra to wipe her sindhoor as she does not matter to her. Shivani takes his blood and applies it as sindhoor. She asks him if anybody has courage to wipe this sindhoor and says our relationship is not that weak that anybody can break it, our lives are tied together and I will live as your wife till death.0

Raghu remembers how Shivani took his blood and made it as sindhoor and thinks maliksaaa gave responsibility of Shivani protection. He can spend his life as her servant, not husband. He should do something to clear her misunderstanding.

Sumitra brings tea for Raghu. She says yesterday’s day was her life’s bad day, she cried a lot. She went to temple and prayed for him. Panditji asked why she is crying, so she told about him. Panditji gave a taweez for him, so she came to tie it. Raghu sees Shivani walking around and aks Sumitra to tie the taweez. Shivani sees that and gets sad.

Precap: Raghu says Sumitra that babyji is my owner, not wife. Sumitra happily hugs him. Shivani cries seeing them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Ragu why do u doing thus?

  2. Raghu you’re hurting Shivani’s feelings…… Not nice yaar…………….


  4. I hope Shivani stop pleading him and do something to make him realize..

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