Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra trying to wipe Shivani’s sindhoor. Just then, Raghu comes and holds Sumitra’s hand. Whole family sees Raghu and gets happy. Shivani hugs him and cries vigorously. Sumitra sees her hugging and gets angry. Shivani says she believed her love that he will come back. She tells her Baburam and Latha that Raghu came back and nothing happened to him. Latha emotinally touches Raghu and says she is happy he came. Raghu wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. Latha says her life line is with her and she will die if he goes away from her. Raghu says he will not leave her alone. Baburam praises Raghu and says he is proud that he is Raghu’s father and people address him as Raghu’s father than Baburam. He says he is his proud and says he loves him a lot. If he would have died, he would have also died. Raghu hugs him and says nothing happened to him. Bela says he is alive by god’s grace and asks how is he saved. Raghu says he got saved by fate. He went to bus stop washroom to freshen up and left his wallet and baggage on a bench. A thief came and took it. Bela praises Shivani and says she belies about her love now. Jazz comes and says Bela is right, in front of love, nothing can stay. He says Shivani as soon as he heard about the disaster, he came running, but when he saw Raghu, he is very happy. He says Raghu that he fulfilled his promise that he will not leave his sister any time. He greets them and goes from there.

Roopesh says we should leave the dead body back at hospital and takes it with neighbours. Vivek says Raghu he is happy that he came back. Raghu slaps him and asks him how dare he came in front of him after killing a girl. Bela says Vivek is innocent. Raghu says he is not innocent, he is responsible for girl’s death. Raghu asks him to see in his eyes and tell he is innocent. Latha says babyji has provoked you, Vivek cannot do anything wrong. Raghu says Vivek this is mother’s love, even if god comes and tells her, she will not believe. He tells how Vivek wanted Raghu to be a part of fake medicine racket. He says he is ashamed to call him his brother. Latha gives Vivek her promise and asks him to tell the truth.

Vivek says Latha that he did a big mistake and girl got killed because of him. He did not realize anything except money. He asks her and Raghu to forgive him. He used to replace fake medicines thinking they have glucose. Raghu says he cannot live her and drags him out to hand him over police. Maya pleads Raghu to live Vivek as she cannot see him behind bars. Raghu says he cannot be forgiven. Maya pleads Latha to leave Vivek. Latha says she does not know how to save Vivek and he is doing right by handing Vivek to police, but she cannot see losing vivek. She says she is a mother and has a right to be selfish for her kids. She requests Raghu to forgive Vivek. She asks Raghu not to send him out of house. Raghu says he is leaving Vivek on Latha’s insistence, but will not forgive him. He will help that girl’s parents, no matter Vivek goes to jail.

Shivani prepares food and searches for spoon. Latha gives her spoon. Shivani says he was taking food for Raghu. Latha says Shvani she wants to ask sorry as she made a mistake. She says she was afraid and wanted to save Vivek, so she scolded her. She says for a mother, her children are his life. She does not believe Vivek would take just a big step for money, she does not know what went wrong in her upbringing.

Precap: Latha says Vivek that as a mother, she will help girl’s parents and follow truth.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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