Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu questioning Rupesh about the veggies which he brought from the haveli. He asks, why you did this. It is stealing. Rupesh apologizes to Raghu and says I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t tell anyone because babyji asked me not to tell anyone. Raghu asks, what does it mean? Rupesh says, babyji asked me to take the vegetables here. He says, babyji packed the veggies and asked me to take it for Nishi and family. I refused but she insisted and asked me not to tell anything to anyone. Raghu is surprised. Rupesh acts innocent. Lata says, don’t feel ashamed. You did whatever babyji asked you to do. Bella says, babyji did this to insult Raghu. Lata says, babyji is having good intention. Baburaam asks Raghu, why you came here for the veggies. Bella

says, it is about Shivani’s intention and asks, why Shivani kept quiet when he was insulted by Mahima and Aunty. She says, that’s because Shivani is involved with Aunty and Mahima to insult you. Raghu is tensed. Bella says, you scolded Rupesh without knowing the truth.

Aunty asks Mahima, why you scolded Raghu without knowing the truth. Mahima says, what is my mistake. Jazz says, I am worried about the money. Aunty says, we will do as per our plan and will wait for the right time. Shivani feels bad for Raghu’s insult. She thinks to apologize to Raghu. Raghu thinks to talk to Shivani. Both of them are calling each other and number seems busy. Raghu thinks to go to haveli and talk to Shivani.

Bella gives milk to Rupesh. Rupesh says, I am searching for a job. Bella apologizes to him for Raghu’s behavior. Rupesh says, I don’t have anything against Shivani and Raghu. Rupesh says, if I get a good job then we will buy a home of 8 rooms. Maya and Baburaam are happy. Baburaam says, tell me whenever you are buying the house. Rupesh says, I don’t have money now. Baburaam thinks to buy 4 houses when Raghu gets Daaju’s property. Lata says, Raghu will never take Maliksaa’s property and it is wrong to day dreaming about it. Baburaam scolds her. Bella says, maa is right. She says, we will buy house with our money. We are happy in this house. Maya says, no one is happy in this small house. Raghu bhaiyya have to think about buying a big house for us. Bella says, Raghu is right so I will be with him in his decision.

Rupesh thinks to create problems for Bella and Lata so that they agrees to take the money and Raghu will end up having Malik saa’s money. Mahima asks Jazz to keep an eye on the door and inform them if anyone comes. Aunty and Mahima searches for the keys. Panna tai is coming from the other end. Jazz gets tensed. He comes inside and tells Mahima and Aunty about Panna tai coming there. Mahima gets worried. Panna tai sees the room open and comes inside. Mahima, Aunty and Jazz hide in the room.

Panna tai sees a file on the floor and keep it inside. She closes the light and leaves. Aunty says, we got saved. They start searching for the keys. Aunty gets the keys behind Daaju’s photo. She thanks Daaju. Aunty shows the keys to Mahima and Jazz. Jazz opens the locker and gets the money. They are happy to see 9 lakhs rupees. Mahima says, I recalled my shopping days. Jazz says, now Raghu will know. Raghu switch on the lights to everyone’s shock. Raghu’s winning music plays……Raghu says, I came to know what you have done. What will happen if everyone knows about your stealing. Jazz says, I will explain. Raghu says, locker is open and money is right infront of the three thieves. Shivani comes….Raghu vir plays….She asks, what is going on here? What you all are doing here? She sees the money in the locker and asks, from where you got the money. She asks Raghu. Mahima says, we were keeping an eye on him as we suspect him. She says, he kept this money in the locker and that’s why we asked him. He is saying nothing. Aunty says, you came at the right time.Shivani asks Raghu, from where he got the money? Raghu is tensed.

Shivani is taking out a book from the shelve. Some books fell on her. Raghu comes to her. They have an eye lock.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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