Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Baburaam laughing and kissing the currency notes, his wife comes, Baburaam hides the notes and thinks she is his enemy and isn’t giving him chance to look at the notes. She asks what are you hiding? He shows his empty hands and hides the notes. She asks him to call Raghu as they are worried about them. Baburaam says they must be having fun. Baburaam says Raghu is your son but from when Shivani became yours. She says you won’t understand. Baburaam says ok, I will call him.

Raghu checks the windows whether it is fine or not. Shivani says she have some work. Raghu says ok, it will be done. Shivani asks him to promise that if Daaju’s goons comes there, he will leave without worrying about her. Raghu says he can’t do

this. He says I can’t leave you in trouble. I know Malik saa is angry on you. You are my responsibility until he takes you there. Baburaam calls and asks Raghu, whether he has reach there. Raghu asks him, why he booked only single room. Baburaam replies that you are husband and wife naa, so why you are worrying. He says he will take care of everything. Maa takes the call and asks Raghu about him and Shivani’s well being. She asks him to call her. Raghu says ok.

Bella is styling Gini’s hairs, Maya closes the windows. Raghu’s brother says he isn’t going for work. Maya says to maa that she should have send her to resort to take care of Raghu and Shivani. Maa asks her to stop talking about Raghu and Shivani, as if anyone hears it then it will be a problem for them. Abhi’s goon come indisguise outside Raghu’s house and calls him and says that he didn’t get any information about them.

Shivani opens the door and tells Raghu to come inside as Daaju had sent the goons to kill him. She asks him to call Daaju. She says she wants to talk to him. He is very angry, he might harm his family and him. She orders Raghu to call Daaju. Mahima asks Jazz to drink juice. Daaju says he don’t need anything. Jazz asks him to take care of his health. Raghu calls on Daaju’s number. Jazz sees the number and asks Mahima to attend the call. She is shocked to hear Shivani’s voice. Shivani says please daaju, don’t cut the call. She says she wants to talk something important. She says Raghu and his family is not at fault. They are very good people, took care of her. She says I know you are angry, but don’t take out your anger on them. Daaju asks Mahima,whose phone is this? Mahima says nobody. She cancels the call and says it was wrong number. Daaju says everything is happening wrong. Raghu’s father said that Shivani started hating me. I accepts that I said much in anger.

Mahima says Shivani is grown up now. She says I think Shivani loved Raghu from long and she might have rotated the situation and married Raghu, Abhi is just an excuse. Daaju says he is upset with Shivani but won’t tolerate anything about her. Mahima says she is feeling bad to speak like that. She says why Shivani went on a honeymoon with Raghu. She says Shivani went with Raghu, so that she doesn’t want to come with you. Panna tai comes and says Babyji called her. Jazz cuts her talk and asks her to stay out of their talks. Mahima continues that Raghu and Shivani got everything, according to the will. Jazz tells Mahima that Daaju can change his “will” until he is alive. Mahima asks Panna tai to come and let Daaju take rest. Daaju cries thinking about Shivani.

Nishi is crying, Maya asks why she is crying. Bella says she wants to eat with Babyji’s hands. Bella asks her to eat silently. Nishi says why you sent my mama and mami. Asks them to come. Gini says you loves Babyji this much, I would have send you to Jaipur with them. Maa shouts at her and says if anyone hears it then it will be a problem. Abhi’s goon/ informer hears it and leaves.

Someone knocks on the door, Shivani and Raghu are shocked. Raghu asks her to go to the bathroom and he will check. Shivani says she won’t go, but Raghu insists. Shivani hides in the bathroom. Raghu opens the door and finds the manager of the resort. He says he has arranged a party for the couples and invites them to come. Raghu says they can’t come. Shivani comes out now. Manager asks her to come and they might feel good. Raghu thinks he is right, babyji might feel good if she goes out. He tells him that they will come. He leaves. Shivani says she don’t want to go. Raghu says you used to go to party naa. It will be good. She says she don’t want to go. Raghu says he can’t see her crying in the room. Shivani says so much happened and you care for my happiness. She says she needs a party dress. Raghu says it will be done, give me 2 mins.

Baburaam’s neighbour asks him that he has heard that Ranaji has sent the goons to kill Raghu. Baburaam says let him send the goons. They can’t do anything to my son. I hide him in such a place that he can’t find him. He is not here. His neighbour asks, where is Raghu and says he won’t tell to anyone. Baburaam says he sent Raghu to Golden leaf hotel, Jaipur. Abhi’s goon calls him and says Raghu is in Golden leaf hotel, Jaipur. Abhi asks him to get his men ready as they are going to Jaipur now itself. Abhi thinks Raghu can’t be save now as he is coming with his death order.

Shivani says she was in dream’s world and recalls hugging Daaju. She says today she met with life’s truth. Raghu is talking to phone and says Malik saa is coming to take babyji (Maha Episode Promo).

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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