Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu coming to Bella’s room and finds her crying. She wipes her tears. Raghu asks her, why she is crying? Bella says she can’t talk to anyone as they feels I talks bitter. Raghu says everyone knows you and asks her to forgive herself. Raghu says I know you want to meet him and says he also wants to meet you. I talked to him and he said he wants to meet you to start life afresh forgetting the past things. Bella hugs him and cries. Shivani and Nishi looks on. Raghu says he will make everything alright and asks her not to worry. Nishi asks Raghu, are you going to meet my papa. Raghu says yes. Nishi says she will also come. Raghu agrees and says everything will be fine like before. Shivani smiles.

Mahima takes Aunty to some room and asks her to rest. Aunty doesn’t like the room and eyes at Shivani’s room. She says this room is somewhat close to my status. Mahima agrees and gives the room. After she leaves, Aunty says she did right to come here from Faridabad and plans to acquire the entire haveli. She thinks she will manipulate Mahima and take over everything.

Private detective comes and gives the details of Abhi’s call list. He says one number is Raghu. Jazz wonders why did he call Raghu. Mahima says he is playing some game with us. Jazz asks him to keep an eye on Abhi. Mahima says we have to find out what is going on in Abhi’s mind. Aunty comes and asks, what she wants to find. Aunty says she can help with her experience. Mahima says ok, I will tell you.

Shivani and Nishi are drawing something to give surprise to Raghu. Raghu comes and asks, what they are hiding. Nishi shows the drawing and says it is for you as you are World’s best mama. Raghu thanks her. Shivani shows her drawing and says it is for you. Shivani wishes him best of luck. Raghu thanks her. Nishi asks, when we are going to meet Papa. Raghu says we will go. Nishi says we will take gift for him. Raghu says sure. He gets call from Abhi. Shivani is about to pick but Raghu takes the call. Raghu asks him, why he called him? Abhi asks him to listen to him once. And says it is for their betterment. Raghu says ok, will come.

Aunty after listening to Mahima says, you both needs me. I will tell you how to deal with Abhi. You did wrong not to talk to Shivani. Shivani is a weak point as she is good. She wants them to behave good with Shivani. If real “will”comes to Shivani then what you will get. She says may be Shivani will leave Raghu after 3 months. She says we may get half of the property. Raghu comes to Abhi. Abhi says sorry for calling him here. Raghu asks him to come straight to the point. Abhi shows the copy of the original will and says this will is made by Daaju before his death. Abhi says I am thinking about your betterment. Raghu reads the will and thinks property is in Shivani and his name. Shivani wonders about Raghu and thinks why Abhi called Raghu. Raghu asks for the original copy. Abhi says it got misplaced by me. Once I get the original will, I will expose Jazz and Mahima and truth will come out.

Shivani sees Abhi keeping his hand on Raghu’s hand. Raghu says, he can’t trust him. Abhi says he did some mistake but this will is true. Abhi says one day you will get to know about my intention. After Raghu leaves, Abhi says he is doing this for his self motive. Raghu thinks he can’t trust Abhi. He says what will babyji think if she comes to know about her brother and sister in law. He decides to hide this from Shivani. Shivani asks him, why he is tensed? Raghu says no. She asks,why Abhi came here.

Shivani looking at the will papers and is surprised.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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