Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Latha insisting Maya to speak the truth. Maya says she will tell the truth and says she brought the eggs, not to eat but to apply them on the hair. Sumitra gets relieved hearing that. Latha slaps Maya and says she brought eggs on pooja day. When she was scolding babyji, why didn’t she tell the truth. Babyji was suffering because of her. Raghu also asks Maya why did tell lie, Babyji was fasting to sit in pooja, but because of her, she could not sit in pooja. Maya asks sorry for not informing that she brought the eggs as she was afraid that everybody would scold her, so she kept quiet. Bela asks Raghu to forget what happened. Good thing is the truth came out before pooja that Babyji didn’t eat eggs. She says Latha that babyji was with her since morning, she didnt drink even water and requests Latha to allow babyji to sit in pooja with Raghu. Latha agrees. Shivani gets happy, but Maya and Sumitra get angry. Bela asks Sumitra to give back Shivani’s position as sh will be performing pooja now. Raghu asks sorry to Shivani as she had to suffer because of Maya’s lie. Shivani and Raghu sit in pooja and perform the rituals. Pooja complets and pujari asks them to take blessings of everyone. Baburam blesses Shivani. Latha also blesses Shivani.

Sumitra gets angry and comes to her room. She starts crying and says she will not leave Shivani as she failed her plan of sitting in pooja. She throws the pillow out. Shivani comes with prasad and sees he pillow on the floor. She asks Sumitra to chill. Sumitra says she will throw her out as she threw the pillow. Shivani asks what name she would prefer as she had promised that she will change her name when Shivani would sit with Raghu for pooja. Sumitra asks her not get happy, she will trouble her to such an extent that she will remember her the whole life. Shivani asks her to stop thinking of troubling her as she can only think of troubling, but cannot trouble her because she is married to Raghu and wearing mangalsutra as it saves her from Sumitra’s evil ideas. Sumitra tries to break the mangalsutra. Just then Raghu comes and asks Sumitr and Shivani to come and have something as they are fasting. Sumitra says she is not hungry. He asks if she is alright. Shivani says Sumitra is alright, she was just worried about her, but she explained Sumitra nothing will happen to her. Raghu asks them to come down and goes.

Siumitra asks her not to be happy for just 1 win, she will get more opportunities to trouble her. Shivani says not to think of that. She gives her prasad and says her husband is waiting for her and goes. Sumitra says Shivani’s mangalsutra will became reason to kill her.

Shivani starts having food, says it is very tasty and asks Raghu to eat. He says he will have it later. Shivani feeds her. She says she is very hungry and will anything. Raghu says Baburam says when a person is hungry, even door looks like a papad. Shivani enjoys food and asks Raghu to eat. She feeds him. in between. Do dil bandhe…. song plays in the background.

Shivani comes to her room, removes her jewelleries and mangalustra. She goes for bathing, comes back, and does not find her mangalsutra. Sumitra comes, shows mangalsutra and asks if she is searching this. Shivani asks her to give back her mangalsutra. Sumitra says she was saing mangalsutra will protect her and her relationship. She says as this mangalsutra is in her hands, her relationship is also in her hands. She breaks the mangalsutra and all the beads fall on the floor.

Precap: Raghu helps Shivani pick mangalsutra beads from the floor and asks her why was she tensed for such a small thing. Shivani says mangalsutra is her identity and she cannot lose it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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