Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani saying to Raghu that you are really a jadugar. She realises and says why you came here. I didn’t call you. Raghu says, I see you tensed and came here. He leaves for factory. Mahima tells Jazz that she saw Raghu keeping money in Daaju’s locker. She says, he is surely going to play games with us. Aunty says, we were tensed as he might have said anything to Shivani. She says, Jamai Raja is saved now. Jazz says, what do you mean? Mahima says, we are saved. Jazz says, may be Raghu is thinking to digest the money. Aunty plans to steal the money from the locker and says if the money is stolen then Raghu can’t anything to Shivani. Jazz smiles. Rupesh comes and asks for Shivani. Shivani comes and greets him. Rupesh says, I came to give your stuff. Shivani tells him that Raghu is not at home. She thanks him.

Rupesh tells her about Nishi and says you have spoiled her. Shivani asks, what? Rupesh says, when you was there, you used to make her every wish fulfilled. He says, she is asking Paneer kofte and Matar Pulao. We couldn’t give her so we make her understand that her mami is not around. Shivani says, I can fulfill her wishes. She asks the Maharaj/cook to give whatever Rupesh wants. Rupesh opens the fridge and takes all the veggies. Cook is amazed to see Rupesh’s cleverness. Rupesh thinks this is sufficient for a week. Lata and Bella are surprised to see the veggies brought by Rupesh. Bella asks,from where you brought it. Rupesh says, I got it from the shop and acts goody. Gini asks Bella to make Mushroom Paneer. Maya tells Vivek that Rupeshji brought so many veggies for a week. She is very happy. Baburaam comes and Lata signs him. He says, you did wonder. You have brought so many vegetables. He praises him.

Aunty and Mahima are shocked to see dal and roti. She calls the cook. Cook says, Raghu’s jijaji came and took all the veggies. Mahima and Aunty are shocked. Raghu overhears this. Mahima says it is the limit. Mahima asks Raghu, what you have done? started a new drama. Don’t you feel ashamed? You are sending veggies to your home. Don’t you feel ashamed to steal the veggies from the kitchen. Raghu is still in shock. Shivani comes and overhears the conversation. Raghu doesn’t utter a word and leaves.

Shivani feels bad and tells Mahima, why you scolded Raghu without knowing the truth? Mahima says, Raghu sent the veggies to his home. Shivani says, I asked Rupesh to take the veggies. You scolded him without knowing the truth. Mahima says, I didn’t know about this. Shivani says, you would have asked us. Aunty says, we did a mistake. She says your heart is so big, at one side is Raghu who stops your family from eating and at the other side is you who is feeding Raghu’s family. Mahima says, we will order food from outside. Shivani says, I don’t feel like eating.

Baburaam is very happy and asks Rupesh to drink juice. Rupesh asks Baburaam, do you feel proud of Raghu as he is very honest. Bella told me that Raghu will give back the property to Shivani. Baburaam says you spoiled my mood as I am sad with his decision. He asks, what you have done if you are in his place. Rupesh says, it is like insulting Maliksaa if he returns the money. Rupesh insists to pay the vendor. Baburaam says I will pay and take out Rs 500. Rupesh asks him to pay with Rs 500.

Shivani feels bad as Mahima scolded Raghu. Panna tai comes and says Raghu is honest. He is the victim of misunderstandings and you too have misunderstood him. I hope you see his honesty one day. Everyone is happy to look at the variety of dishes. Baburaam says everyone will eat 5 star hotel like food. Maya and Vivek are happy. Rupesh asks him to eat whole heartedly and says I will get the veggies again. Raghu comes and asks, from where you will get? Everyone are shocked. Raghu’s music plays…..Raghu says, you likes someone else veggies. Did you tell everyone from where you got it. You stole it and I have to get insulted because of you. I kept quiet as it was my family’s fault. He asks, why you did it?


Aunty gives the keys to Jazz. Jazz opens the locker and gets the money. Aunty says, 9 lakh Rs. Raghu puts on the lights. It seems they are trapped in their own net.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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