Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani telling Raghu that they have done enough for her and now she wants to do something for them. Raghu asks, what does she means? Shivani says she wants to do job. Raghu says he can’t agree on this and says you will not work. Shivani says she can’t see his family and him sad. She tries to agree him and says she feels good. Raghu says he doesn’t feel good. He says Malik saa never allowed you to step out of the house alone and how can I? Malik saa gave your responsibility to me and it means I didn’t fulfill your responsibility. He asks her to trust him and says he will take care of everyone. Shivani looks at him while the title song plays. Shivani says how you will do as you didn’t have job now. Raghu says he is searching a job and will get it. After he leaves, Shivani says she wants him and his family to be happy. She prays for him.

Shivani tells Raghu that she needs to practice for Zee Rishte Awards. Raghu says we will practice in the evening. Shivani says we will start practice now. Raghu says he is sure that everyone will like their performance. Raghu gets a job in the mechanic shop. Jazz is getting ready, Mahima tells him that her aunty is coming here. Mahima says she likes everything to be perfect and praises her. Mahima’s aunty comes and looks on. Mahima welcomes her and they greet each other. Aunty starts throwing tantrums. Mahima says you didn’t change. Mahima asks Panna tai to bring tea. Aunty asks Jazz about business. Aunty says, she didn’t like the old things and says they didn’t paint the house during Diwali. Mahima says they didn’t get time. Aunty says she will change the wall paint and old servants too.

Meghna comes to the Mechanic shop and sees Raghu working as a Mechanic. She calls Shivani and says Raghu is working in Car garage. Shivani thanks her. Bella comes to Maya’s room and sees her eating sugar with ghee. She gets surprised and says she never thought she will be selfish. You hides ghee and sugar in your room and we didn’t get even an oil. We are one family and we share the things. Maya asks her to shut up and says don’t cross your limits. She says she earns money and she don’t have any right to asks her anything. She says you don’t have any right in this house. Bella cries. Maya asks her to go to her inlaws place.

Shivani comes to the garage and sees Raghu working under the car. Raghu comes to her and asks, you are here. Shivani asks him to leave the job. Raghu says he can’t leave the job. Shivani says you can as you got a good job. She tells him everything that she recommended him to the company where she got a job. She says problem is solved. Shivani says she is not a magician unlike him. Raghu says, how I will do your job? Shivani threatens him sweetly and he agrees to do that job. Shivani smiles and asks him to change the clothes. Shivani wipes the grease off his face with her hand while the title songs plays. Raghu feels shy and says he will clean it. Shivani asks him to get ready fast.

Baburaam asks Lata about Shivani and raghu. She says she don’t know. Raghu and Shivani come, Lata asks why they are smiling? Raghu says he got a job. Lata thanks God. Gini says it is really a good news. Vivek asks him, how he got a job without an interview. Raghu says it is made possible because of babyji. She got a job for me. Lata thanks her. Shivani says she just tried. Baburaam asks, about the salary. Raghu says he will know tomorrow. Baburaam asks him to repay the loan amount first. Raghu says he will repay the loan first. He asks Bella, why she is sad. Bella says she is happy for him and leaves. However Shivani and Raghu are still unconvinced.

Abhi shows the xerox copy of the original will to Raghu and says this is Dadaji’s last will before his death.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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