Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahima provoking Shivani against Raghu. Shivani says, how dare he? I won’t spare him. Aunty says, it won’t help. Mahima says, you showed him his place but he is stubborn. Aunty asks her to understand his plan and says he don’t hurt you directly. He hurts your family and asks Shivani to misbehave with Raghu’s family. Shivani says, how can I do this as his family is very good. Mahima asks, did we do anything to Raghu as he is making our life hell. He raised his hand on your bhaiyya. Nishi wakes up from sleep and asks Bella about her Dad. She asks, Bella says he will come one day surely. She asks her to sleep. Shivani recalls Mahima and Aunty’s manipulating words and thinks if I do whatever Raghu is doing then what will be the difference

between us. I can’t stoop that low. I can’t punish his family for his doings.

Lata gives water to Baburaam and says why you dance in the party. Maya says, we have enjoyed well today. Lata says it was possible because of babyji. Baburaam says, it is just a starting and says everyday will be celebration for us because of babyji. He tells Lata that I saw our daughter in law in babyji. Shivani looks at them. Lata smiles. Baburaam says, she is rich daughter in law giving us golden eggs. She is like a FD for us which will we get after three months. He laughs. Lata sees Shivani listening to their conversation and asks Shivani, do you want anything. Shivani leaves. Lata says Shivani is a part of family and requests baburaam not to speak like that again. Shivani goes to her room and cries saying everyone are selfish her and wants only my money. She says, Aunty was right, I am the one who didn’t recognise their intention. They are exactly like Raghu and not trustable.

Lata brings coffee for Shivani and says we all respect you. Shivani asks her to stop and says, I know how much you all respects me and asks her not to act. Lata says, you are misunderstanding us. Shivani says, Raghu is playing game, Babuji needs my money. She says, there is only one difference between you and babuji is that you hides things and he speaks his heart. Lata says, I really love you. Shivani says you just showcase love and giving me respect because of my money. Lata is hurt and gets tears in her eyes. Raghu overhears this. Shivani says, this tears is fake. Raghu interrupts.
Raghu asks, what are you talking about? He says, Maa respects you and you are talking to her this way. Shivani replies you all can’t respect anyone but just acts to be good. And I talks like this only. Raghu says, you can’t talk to maa this way and asks her to apologize. Shivani says, I won’t apologize to her. Raghu asks her to apologize. Lata says I am not upset with babyji and asks Raghu to go. Shivani refuses to apologize. Lata asks her to calm down and tries to take Raghu. Raghu tells Lata that I won’t go until she apologize to you. Shivani asks,what you will do if I don’t apologize. She says, you are getting angry as your family is being insulted. Those people whom you have insulted is my own brother and she is your step mom referring to Lata. Raghu couldn’t bear it anymore and raises his hand on her angrily. Shivani covers her face with hand partially. Vivek, Maya, Bella and Lata are shocked. Lata slaps Raghu. Lata scolds Raghu for raising his hand on babyji and says sorry to Shivani. Shivani asks her to go and asks Raghu, how dare you raise your hand on me. Raghu is shocked. Shivani is in tears. Lata takes him with her….Do Dil Bandhe song plays……………Shivani cries.

Baburaam scolds Raghu for raising his hand on Babyji. He asks, she said right, your maa is your step mom. Lata cries and says, why don’t happiness stay in our house. We were happy till evening and says babyji is thinking wrongly about us. Bella says I will talk to her. Shivani takes her bag and says I can’t live here anymore. Lata says, I won’t allow you to go. Shivani says, I am going to my real home to live with my real family. Everyone are shocked.

Shivani comes to haveli with her stuff. Aunty, Mahima and Jazz are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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